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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Dec 15*The Changing Face of the Insurance Industry
Dec 15*Cost of Insurance Fraud
Dec 17*Holiday Mystery Tour
Dec 27*Flying and Programming Drones Camp
Dec 27Robot 3D Design Process Camp
Dec 27Robot Design Process Camp 123
Dec 28*Minecraft Robot Programming
Jan 6*Baking Foundations: Custards and Filling
Jan 11Martin Luther King Luncheon - General Admission
Jan 11Martin Luther King Luncheon - MCC Employees
Jan 11Martin Luther King Luncheon - Current MCC Students
Jan 12*Universal Design for Business Operations
Jan 13Certified Personal Trainer Course Information Session
Jan 16QuickBooks, Level 1
Jan 17Silversmithing: Beginning / Intermediate
Jan 17Drawing Fundamentals
Jan 17Seniors Watercolor
Jan 17Stained Glass Windows: Foil
Jan 17*Cuisines: Thai
Jan 17Russian for Absolute Beginners
Jan 17Advanced Ballroom: Swing
Jan 17Latin Ballroom for Beginners
Jan 17How to be a Stand Up Comedian
Jan 17Ceramics for Beginners
Jan 17Belly Dancing
Jan 18Stress Reduction with Mindfulness
Jan 18Stained Glass Windows: Foil
Jan 18AARP Smart Driver Course
Jan 18New Year Nourishing You
Jan 18REACH Construction Industry Certificate
Jan 19Intermediate Watercolor
Jan 19Introduction to Circuits
Jan 19Recycling 101: CNC Mill Using Recycled Aluminum Cans
Jan 19*Freedom From Smoking® Group Clinic
Jan 20Va Va Vintage! Couture Techniques
Jan 20Draping the Basic Using a Dress Form
Jan 20Sewing with Mom
Jan 20Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Jan 20Tai Chi Basics
Jan 20Understanding Basic Photography
Jan 20Unity Game Engine
Jan 20iPad 1
Jan 20Spanish - Level 1
Jan 20Spanish - Level 2
Jan 20PowerPoint Basics
Jan 20*Auto Hobbyist
Jan 20*Blacksmithing Safety Class
Jan 20*Community Spanish
Jan 20Photography Bundle
Jan 20Resume Writing Basics
Jan 21Resin Paper Designs
Jan 22Machine Sewing 101
Jan 22Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
Jan 22Water Aerobics
Jan 22Router Basics
Jan 22Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach
Jan 22Ballroom Dance - Intermediate
Jan 22Advanced Ballroom: West Coast Swing
Jan 22*Omaha Mob Tour
Jan 22Wheel Thrown Pottery
Jan 22Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Jan 22The Horse Course 101
Jan 23From Scraps to Storytelling Quilts
Jan 23Trick Training
Jan 23Memory and Memoir: Remembering and Retelling Your Life's Story
Jan 23Fused Glass Wine/Bottle Stop
Jan 23Contractor & Business Academy - English
Jan 23Beginner's Country Line Dancing
Jan 23Country Couples Dancing
Jan 23Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Jan 23Knitting for Beginners
Jan 23Ballroom Dance - Intermediate
Jan 23Ultimate Improv for Business or Pleasure
Jan 23Microsoft Excel Level 1
Jan 23*Blacksmithing Lab
Jan 23Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Jan 23Yin Yoga
Jan 24Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
Jan 24*Contractor & Business Academy - Spanish
Jan 24Beginner's Country Line Dancing
Jan 24Country Couples Dancing
Jan 2410 Strategies for Organization
Jan 24Stock Market Technical Analysis
Jan 24Tourist's Survival Guide to Italy
Jan 25Landscape Design
Jan 25End of Life Tech Planning
Jan 25Basic Digital Photography
Jan 25Garment Making Basics
Jan 25*Disability Awareness for Customer Focused Industries: How to Have a Culture of Accessibility
Jan 26*Pairing Studio: Stout
Jan 27*Upholstery 102
Jan 27Basic Dog Obedience
Jan 27Canine Life & Social Skills B.A (C.L.A.S.S.)
Jan 27*Certified Professional Trainer
Jan 27Creating Board Games
Jan 27iPad 2
Jan 27Powerpoint, Intermediate
Jan 27Organize/Edit Your Photo Library on the Mac
Jan 27*Upholstery 101
Jan 28Introduction to Hand Produced Books
Jan 29Active Learning
Jan 29Microsoft Excel 2016 Preparation for MOS Certification, Exam 77-727
Jan 30Beginning Guitar and More
Jan 31*Culinary Foundations: Knife Skills
Jan 31Large Tool Basics
Jan 31Hula-Hooping for Health
Jan 31Outsmart Your Smart Phone
Jan 31Strengths@Work™ New Year - New You
Feb 1Genealogy Basics
Feb 1Beginning Piano and More
Feb 1Small Business Start-Up
Feb 1Beginning Adobe Illustrator
Feb 2Raspberry Pi Introduction
Feb 3Shutter Speed & F-Stop Workshop
Feb 3History of Computer Culture
Feb 3iPad 3
Feb 3Wheel Thrown Pottery for Teens
Feb 3Build Movies and Slideshows on the Mac
Feb 3Computer Skills for the Workplace
Feb 3Don't Stop At the Wires
Feb 3Adobe Photoshop Basics
Feb 4Producing Hand Produced Books
Feb 4Robotics - Engineering and Coding
Feb 4Quilling 101 - Mother/Daughter Project
Feb 5Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!
Feb 5Savings Series
Feb 5Ask-Listen-Encourage
Feb 5*Universal Design for Business Operations
Feb 6Ukulele for Beginners
Feb 6Ukulele for Teens
Feb 6Cartooning for Teens
Feb 6Build Your Own Website
Feb 6Automotive Restoration Research
Feb 6Amigurumi Doll
Feb 6Snuggle Me Softly Toy Series
Feb 7*Pasta Basics
Feb 8Ukulele for Beginners
Feb 8Ukulele, Intermediate
Feb 8Supporting Your Body Through Winter
Feb 9Fiber Art - Date Night
Feb 9*Disability Awareness for Customer Focused Industries: How to Have a Culture of Accessibility
Feb 10Draping Dior
Feb 10Profit & Grow from What You Know
Feb 10iPhone
Feb 10Become an Expert Using Pages on the Mac
Feb 10Adobe Photoshop, Intermediate
Feb 11Origami 101
Feb 11Jewelry: Plasma Cut Copper Necklace
Feb 12Successful Meal Planning to Save Money
Feb 12Introduction to Bowl Turning
Feb 12*Chocolate Lover's Workshop
Feb 12Food for Life: Plant-Based Nutrition Essentials
Feb 12Building Community
Feb 13CSI: Anatomy of a Homicide Investigation