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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Feb 19*How to Fly a Drone
Feb 20Car Buying Strategies
Feb 20How to Protect Your Art
Feb 21Genealogy for Beginners
Feb 21Nebraska Legends, Myths and Monsters
Feb 21Get Organized for Better Family Management
Feb 22AARP Smart Driver Course
Feb 23*Reiki Level 1
Feb 23Shutter Speed & F-Stop Workshop
Feb 23Car Care Workshop for Teens
Feb 23Bob Ross: Frozen Beauty Vignette
Feb 23Survival Skills: Make Your Own Moccasins
Feb 23Planning a Successful Vegetable Garden
Feb 23Adobe Photoshop Animation
Feb 23Homework Help
Feb 25*CompTIA Security+
Feb 25*Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
Feb 25*Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)
Feb 25Light Saber Dueling
Feb 26*Mardi Gras
Feb 27Solar Electric Basics 
Feb 27$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Solar Electric Basics and Solar Electric Applications
Feb 28*Trout Butchery and Cookery
Feb 28Learning More About the iPad
Mar 1*Prototype Design Lab
Mar 2Past Life Regression
Mar 2Building Movies, Slideshows and Trailers on the Mac
Mar 2Solar Electric Application 
Mar 2Planning and Reflection
Mar 2*Blacksmithing Basics
Mar 2*Upholstery Springs
Mar 4*CompTIA Linux+ Bootcamp
Mar 5QuickBooks, Level 1
Mar 6*Blacksmithing Lab
Mar 6*Cuisines: Sushi
Mar 7*Metal Sculpture
Mar 7*Metal Sculpture
Mar 8*Metal Sculpture
Mar 8HVAC Training
Mar 9Reframing Conflict
Mar 9STEAM: Biomechanics of the Tiger
Mar 9*Pairing Studio: Irish Spirits
Mar 9Basic Self-Defense for Women
Mar 11*Lean 101
Mar 11*Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Mar 11*CompTIA Network+ Bootcamp
Mar 11*CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
Mar 11*PMI - PMP Exam Prep
Mar 12*Managing Risk in the Data Center
Mar 12*Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in the Workplace
Mar 12*Metal Sculpture
Mar 12*Metal Sculpture
Mar 13Give Cable TV the Boot
Mar 13Travel Writing
Mar 13*Cuisines: Irish
Mar 13*Effective Grant Writing
Mar 14*Fundamentals of Automobile Insurance
Mar 14*Workplace Investigations
Mar 14Small Engine Repair
Mar 14Seniors Watercolor II
Mar 14Intermediate Watercolor
Mar 14Slow Flow Yoga
Mar 14Writing From Life Experiences
Mar 14St. Patricks Day Cookie Workshop
Mar 14String Art Workshop: Shamrock Door Décor
Mar 14iCloud
Mar 14Introduction to Apparel Sewing
Mar 15*Insurance Ethics
Mar 15Start Your Own Farm
Mar 15Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part A and Part B
Mar 15Ceramic Tile Decorating
Mar 16Structure and Clear Limits
Mar 16Wheel Thrown Pottery for Kids
Mar 16Basic Framing
Mar 16How to Write Your Book
Mar 16Bob Ross: Double Oval with Mountains
Mar 16*Spring and Summer Perennials
Mar 16Illustrator for Beginners
Mar 16Internet Safety
Mar 16Adobe Photoshop Animation
Mar 16Quilling: Butterflies Edition
Mar 16The Longevity Spiral: Long Healthful Life
Mar 16DIY Wedding
Mar 16Science for Adults
Mar 16Fashion Illustration
Mar 17MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Mar 18*EPI Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
Mar 18*CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
Mar 18*Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C-CISO)
Mar 18Beginning Voice and More
Mar 18Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
Mar 18Machine Sewing 101
Mar 18Water Aerobics
Mar 18Equestrian Competition Management
Mar 18$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Machine Sewing
Mar 19Weaving 101
Mar 19*Upholstery Lab
Mar 19Beginning Guitar and More
Mar 19Fused Glass Garden Stake
Mar 19The Horse Course 101
Mar 19*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Mar 19Ceramic Jewelry Making
Mar 19Basic Digital Photography
Mar 19Organize and Edit Photos on the iPad
Mar 19Portuguese for Beginners 
Mar 19*Baking: Easter Cookies
Mar 19Intermediate Country Line Dancing
Mar 19Machine Sewing 101
Mar 20*EPI Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS)
Mar 20Silversmithing: Beginning / Intermediate
Mar 20Seniors Watercolor I
Mar 20Drawing Fundamentals
Mar 20Stained Glass Windows: Foil Technique
Mar 20Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
Mar 20Ceramics for Beginners
Mar 20*Contractor and Business Academy—Spanish
Mar 20*Floral Design – Hairpieces
Mar 20Android 101: Smartphones and Tablets
Mar 20Building a Website with Weebly
Mar 20Hacks and Exploits Used to Steal Your Data: Learn How to Avoid Them
Mar 20Beginner’s Country Line Dancing
Mar 20Country Couples Dancing
Mar 20*Silversmithing for Beginners
Mar 20Hubbard Sustainability Series
Mar 21*Performance Management
Mar 21*Upholstery 101
Mar 21Beginning Piano and More
Mar 21Ukulele for Beginners
Mar 21Ukulele, Intermediate
Mar 21Inking Around
Mar 21Stained Glass Windows: Foil Technique
Mar 21Spring Glass Party
Mar 21Tribal Style Belly Dance
Mar 21Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Mar 21Microsoft Excel
Mar 21*Vegetables, Grains and Legumes: Spring Session
Mar 22AARP Smart Driver Course
Mar 22Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Supplement Plans
Mar 22Be The Best You Can Be
Mar 22Refrigeration Training
Mar 23*Sandhill Crane Migration Tour
Mar 23Youth Voice
Mar 23*Upholstery 101
Mar 23*Upholstery 201
Mar 23Car Care Workshop for Teens
Mar 23Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Mar 23Barn Quilt Painting 4'x4'
Mar 23Plumbing—Faucets and Valves
Mar 23Plumbing—Toilets
Mar 23Photography in our National Parks
Mar 23Scarf Marbling
Mar 23101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Mar 23How to Select Your 3-D Printer Kit
Mar 23Photoshop CC - Beyond the Basics
Mar 23Quilling: Animal Magnets
Mar 23Oil and Vinegar Basics
Mar 24Quilling 101
Mar 25*Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Mar 25Fanciful Figurines Ceramic Workshop
Mar 25Acrylic Painting
Mar 25Aqua Burn
Mar 25Aqua Burn
Mar 26Basic Dog Obedience
Mar 26How to Publish a Childrens Book
Mar 26String Art Workshop: Bunny
Mar 27*Ukulele Making
Mar 27Wedding Dance Workshop
Mar 27Android 201: Make Android Work for You
Mar 27Italian for Travel
Mar 27$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Solar Electric Basics and Solar Electric Applications
Mar 27Solar Electric Basics 
Mar 27*Foundations: Pasta Basics
Mar 28Extraordinary Experiments
Mar 28Where’s My Stuff? File Management on the Mac
Mar 29Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans
Mar 29*Pairing: Champagne and Caviar
Mar 30*Mansions & Neighborhoods of Leavenworth, KS
Mar 30Increase Your Brain Function
Mar 30Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Mar 30Tai Chi Basics
Mar 30Masonry: Construction and Repair
Mar 30Canine Life and Social Skills B.A. (C.L.A.S.S.)
Mar 30Basic Dog Obedience
Mar 30$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Architectural Hand Carving
Mar 30Architectural Hand Carving: Part 1
Mar 30Fused Glass Wine/Bottle Stop
Mar 30*Reiki Level 1
Mar 30Basics of Acting
Mar 30$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Acting, Poetry and Playwriting
Mar 30*Horticulture Foundations: Pest ID and Control
Mar 30Build Movies and Slideshows on the Mac
Mar 30Intro to Google Docs
Mar 30Microsoft Excel Basics
Mar 30Self-Promotion for the Self-Employed
Mar 30Solar Electric Application 
Mar 30IQ Genius - Bits, Bots and 3-D Builds
Mar 30Beekeeping Basics: Hive Assembly
Apr 1*Prototype Design Lab
Apr 1*Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
Apr 1Knitting 101: Introduction
Apr 1Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Apr 1Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Apr 1The Keto Diet 101
Apr 1*Self-Defense: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Apr 2*Unity Certified Developer Training
Apr 2Basic Wirework: Earrings or Dangles
Apr 2Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Apr 2Advanced Ballroom: Rumba
Apr 2Senior Dance
Apr 2Travel Safety Class
Apr 3Advanced Ballroom: Rumba
Apr 3$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Meal Planning
Apr 3Successful Meal Planning
Apr 3Barre Class
Apr 3Android 301: Advanced Settings, Tips and Tricks
Apr 3Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
Apr 3*Cuisines: Gumbo School
Apr 3*Upholstery 101
Apr 3Advanced Ballroom: Waltz
Apr 4Calligraphy: The Italic Hand
Apr 4Coral Bowl
Apr 4Organize/Edit Your Photo Library on the Mac
Apr 4Acrylic Painting: Bring the Canvas to Life
Apr 4*REACH Construction Industry Certificate
Apr 5*Dental Assisting Review
Apr 5Cyber Threats and Hacking Devices in Your Environment
Apr 5Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part D for Medicine Coverage
Apr 6Learn How to Meditate
Apr 6Paints, Stains and Varnishes
Apr 6Architectural Hand Carving: Part 2
Apr 6Photographic Composition With Photoshop
Apr 6How to Publish a Childrens Book
Apr 6Basics of Poetry
Apr 6Back to Basics Yoga Series
Apr 6iPad/iPhone 1
Apr 6Photoshop CC Layers
Apr 6Quilling: Key Chains
Apr 6Beginning Acrylic Dot Painting
Apr 6Orchard, Crop and Garden Bee Pollination
Apr 6Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach
Apr 6*Entrepreneurship Series: Wedding Planning Budget Management—Session 2
Apr 7Quilling 102
Apr 8*Improvement/Coaching (I/C) Kata
Apr 8*Wind Chime Making
Apr 8Czech for the Absolute Beginner
Apr 8*Foundations: Knife Skills
Apr 9*Agile 101
Apr 9Handbuilding Tiles and Figurines with Clay
Apr 9Chain Maille: Mobius/Flower Knot
Apr 9QuickBooks, Level 2
Apr 9*Lean 101
Apr 10Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Apr 10Life Coach Skills
Apr 10Social Media: The Who, What and How
Apr 10Everyday Healthy Living
Apr 10Tourist's Survival Guide to Italy
Apr 11Weight Loss Hypnosis
Apr 11Essential Oils: General Uses
Apr 11Small Engine Repair
Apr 11Wave Cross: Fused Glass
Apr 11Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Apr 11Organize and Redesign Your Living Spaces
Apr 11Become an Expert Using Pages on the Mac
Apr 11Introduction to Apparel Sewing: Part II
Apr 11Beginning Online Marketing for Businesses
Apr 12Write a Farm Business Plan
Apr 12*Pairing: Buffalo Trace Whiskey
Apr 12Self-Defense for Seniors
Apr 13Planting a Successful Vegetable Garden
Apr 13Fused Glass Garden Stake
Apr 13Drywall Installation I
Apr 13Drywall Installation II
Apr 13How to Publish Your Book
Apr 13Bob Ross: Mountain Reflections
Apr 13Basics of Playwriting
Apr 13Golden Venture Origami
Apr 13iPad/iPhone 2
Apr 13Using your Gmail Account – Level 1
Apr 13Restoration Techniques in Photoshop
Apr 13Coffee College: Origin Story
Apr 13Integrated Pest Management or Pollinating Bees
Apr 13Making Great Decisions
Apr 13Active Learning
Apr 13*Pairing: Buffalo Trace Whiskey
Apr 14*Designing with Cymatics
Apr 14Where Did My Files Go?
Apr 14*Baking: Enriched Doughs
Apr 14*Historical Pairing Studio: The Titanic's Last Dinner
Apr 15*CompTIA Linux+ Bootcamp
Apr 15Knitting 201: Next Steps
Apr 15Bowls Galore
Apr 15Machine Sewing 201
Apr 16*Upholstery 101
Apr 16Springtime Party
Apr 16Needle Tatting
Apr 16Make Your Own Coordinated Dinner Setting
Apr 16Crime Prevention
Apr 17Women’s Latin Dance Performance
Apr 17Belly Dancing
Apr 17Master Your Pressure Cooker
Apr 17Handbuilding Tiles and Figurines with Clay
Apr 17Dark Side of the Stockyards
Apr 17Small Business Start Up
Apr 17So Many Google Apps
Apr 17*Foundations: Advanced Pasta Techniques
Apr 17Tourist's Survival Guide to France
Apr 18*Litigation Landmines
Apr 18*Charitable Giving
Apr 18*Life Insurance Trust and Estate Planning
Apr 18Landscape Design
Apr 18Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Apr 18101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Apr 18Social Media Apps That Help Protect Your Kids
Apr 19*Cost of Insurance Fraud
Apr 19*Ethical Case Studies
Apr 20*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Apr 20Beekeeping Basics: Intro to Beekeeping
Apr 20Coffee College: Sensory Development
Apr 20Ask-Listen-Encourage