*Medical Transcription Editor

Dates: March 1, 2024 - February 28, 2025

Meets: self-paced 12 months access

Registration Fee: $3,799.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

As a medical transcriptionist, you’ll be typing (i.e. transcribing) audio recordings of doctors’ notes for patients’ medical records. You can also opt for an editing position using the skills you’ve learned in our medical transcription editing course, where you’ll proof and correct reports generated by speech-recognition software. This 690-hour program is certi ed and approved by the Approval Committee for Certicate Programs and prepares learners to take the Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist National Certifying Exam. (12-month access)
Fee: $3,799.00

Date Day Time Location
03/01/2024Friday12M to 12M
03/08/2024Friday12M to 12M
03/15/2024Friday12M to 12M
03/22/2024Friday12M to 12M
03/29/2024Friday12M to 12M
04/05/2024Friday12M to 12M
04/12/2024Friday12M to 12M
04/19/2024Friday12M to 12M
04/26/2024Friday12M to 12M
05/03/2024Friday12M to 12M
05/10/2024Friday12M to 12M
05/17/2024Friday12M to 12M
05/24/2024Friday12M to 12M
05/31/2024Friday12M to 12M
06/07/2024Friday12M to 12M
06/14/2024Friday12M to 12M
06/21/2024Friday12M to 12M
06/28/2024Friday12M to 12M
07/05/2024Friday12M to 12M
07/12/2024Friday12M to 12M
07/19/2024Friday12M to 12M
07/26/2024Friday12M to 12M
08/02/2024Friday12M to 12M
08/09/2024Friday12M to 12M
08/16/2024Friday12M to 12M
08/23/2024Friday12M to 12M
08/30/2024Friday12M to 12M
09/06/2024Friday12M to 12M
09/13/2024Friday12M to 12M
09/20/2024Friday12M to 12M
09/27/2024Friday12M to 12M
10/04/2024Friday12M to 12M
10/11/2024Friday12M to 12M
10/18/2024Friday12M to 12M
10/25/2024Friday12M to 12M
11/01/2024Friday12M to 12M
11/08/2024Friday12M to 12M
11/15/2024Friday12M to 12M
11/22/2024Friday12M to 12M
11/29/2024Friday12M to 12M
12/06/2024Friday12M to 12M
12/13/2024Friday12M to 12M
12/20/2024Friday12M to 12M
12/27/2024Friday12M to 12M
01/03/2025Friday12M to 12M
01/10/2025Friday12M to 12M
01/17/2025Friday12M to 12M
01/24/2025Friday12M to 12M
01/31/2025Friday12M to 12M
02/07/2025Friday12M to 12M
02/14/2025Friday12M to 12M
02/21/2025Friday12M to 12M
02/28/2025Friday12M to 12M


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