Cane for Self-Defense

Dates: July 20, 2024

Meets: Sa from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Location: A.V. Sorensen Community Center TBA

Registration Fee: $79.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

The cane has been around for centuries; as a status symbol, as a tool for self-defense. While a cane can be carried most anywhere now, for citizens living in London in the 1600s, it was necessary to obtain a permit and follow specific etiquette in order to carry one on your person. Today the cane is seen more as something only used for the ambulatory impaired. It is still however, a marvelous tool for self-defense for the young and not so young. You do not need to be athletic to enjoy the benefits of this class. Students will learn simple body movements with blocking and striking drills along with basic self-defense techniques. Please note; because we will be using the canes as a self-defense tool it is important that participants are not reliant upon the cane for balance or stability. Participants will need a wooden cane with a crook. You can bring your own cane to train with. For those needing a can to train with, there will be canes available for use and/or purchase.
Fee: $79.00

A.V. Sorensen Community Center TBA

Lyle Laizure


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