Contested Elections

Dates: March 25, 2021

Meets: Th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Location: Zoom Online

Registration Fee: $29.00

Political Science Noncredit Certificate
Learn about political systems and their history in this engaging online learning environment. Students will explore contested elections, the role and power of the three branches of government and analyze the election process. Upon completion of Contested Elections, Powers of the Three Branches of Government and The Presidential Election Process Explained, students will have a deeper understanding of the forces that shape law, society and the economy.

Contested Elections
Explore contested elections over the course of American history. From the 1860 election of Lincoln to the 1960 battle between Kennedy and Nixon and more recently the 2016 election. Students will analyze why these elections were so controversial and their impact in the nation’s history.


Students will utilize the Zoom conferencing application to complete this course. Zoom meeting invitations will be sent via email at least one day prior to the class start date. Students must provide a valid email address to receive the meeting invitation to enter the Zoom virtual classroom.

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Fee: $29.00

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