Culinary Work Experience I

Dates: June 17 - July 11, 2019

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th and F from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Contract Price: $0.00

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This 94-hour course provides supervised practical work experience for the students going into the food and beverage field. Students use the knowledge and skills learned to demonstrate safe and sanitary practice and preparation of a variety of food items; basic kitchen management skills, including purchasing and inventory controls and front of-the-house operations; international and regional diversity of the culinary arts; basic food knowledge needed for any commercial kitchen application; and perform practical experience in a commercial kitchen operation.
Fee: $0.00
Date Day Time Location
06/17/2019Monday9 AM to 4 PM
06/18/2019Tuesday9 AM to 4 PM
06/19/2019Wednesday9 AM to 4 PM
06/20/2019Thursday9 AM to 4 PM
06/21/2019Friday9 AM to 4 PM
06/24/2019Monday9 AM to 4 PM
06/25/2019Tuesday9 AM to 4 PM
06/26/2019Wednesday9 AM to 4 PM
06/27/2019Thursday9 AM to 4 PM
06/28/2019Friday9 AM to 4 PM
07/01/2019Monday9 AM to 4 PM
07/02/2019Tuesday9 AM to 4 PM
07/03/2019Wednesday9 AM to 4 PM
07/05/2019Friday9 AM to 4 PM
07/08/2019Monday9 AM to 4 PM
07/09/2019Tuesday9 AM to 4 PM
07/10/2019Wednesday9 AM to 4 PM
07/11/2019Thursday9 AM to 4 PM