Science Literacy

Dates: February 2-9, 2020

Meets: Su from 9:30 AM to 12 N

Location: MCC at Do Space 220

Registration Fee: $59.00


Explore why nature behaves and acts in the way it does. Understand why the earth is "round" and why human activity influences global climate, and why vaccines are a good thing. In this series students will conduct experiments to learn these principles firsthand.

Why the Earth is "Round" - Do you know how to prove the Earth is round yourself? Do you know of the "Cornelius effect" or the ancient method the Greeks used to prove the Earth's curvature? In this class, students will learn to conduct those experiments themselves to be able to shed light on Earth's curvature to any future Flat Earth society members.

Understanding Human Influence on Global Warming - Understanding the reality of human induced climate change is essential for quality of life. In this class learn about how we humans increase the warming rate of the Earth through the lens of the scientific method. Conduct classroom experiments to demonstrate the climate processes that take place on a global scale.

Why "Vaccines" are a Good Thing - In the news lately, there has been plenty of talk regarding the effectiveness of vaccines. In this class learn the history behind them, how they can be misrepresented in the media, and conduct science experiments yourself to explore the chemistry behind them. (ages 11-14)

Fee: $59.00

MCC at Do Space 220

Date Day Time Location
02/02/2020Sunday9:30 AM to 12 N MCC at Do Space 220
02/09/2020Sunday9:30 AM to 12 N MCC at Do Space 220