*The Longevity Spiral: Teachers, Are You Ready to Live Like Centenarians?

Dates: February 22, 2020

Meets: Sa from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: MCC at Do Space 221

Registration Fee: $49.00


The demands on teachers’ lives may be overwhelming. They work with students, parents, and administration for many long hours while also attempting to have their own personal lives and raise healthy and happy families.

So, how can a teacher have a long healthful life? At first, it may seem impossible. This intensive class has the mission to make the impossible possible and give teachers simple L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle; Exercise; Attitude; Nutrition) tools so that they may live like centenarians. A printed handout, guilt free snacks, and gut friendly teas will be provided.

Dora’s personal health history and struggle with life’s demands led her to make health her hobby and to take charge of her life and wellbeing. As an experienced teacher and educator, she found ways to navigate the demands in her life based on several principles that guide her daily. This helps her relate to the teacher struggles and the almost inevitable health decline. Dora is a Certified Health Coach by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, one of the top organizations in the food and wellness industry. Dr. William Sears is the author of over 45 books and has been a guest on over 100 American television shows. Certifications: Prime-Time Health (Adults), L.E.A.N. Start and L.E.A.N. Essentials (Adults/Families with children). L.E.A.N. = Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition. Besides the health coach certification, she has an extensive experience in teaching and education.

Fee: $49.00

MCC at Do Space 221