*Problem-Solving Foundations

Dates: December 2-13, 2019

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa and Su from 12 M to 12:00 AM

Location: Online Class

Registration Fee: $99.00

Most of us encounter problems in the workplace daily. Do you know how to recognize and respond to them effectively? Are they being solved? Or are they often ignored with the hope that somehow, they will resolve on their own? In this introductory online course, participants establish some principles and practices that are foundational and useful in any workplace context and examine standard problem-solving approaches. Participants demonstrate problem-solving skills by using the skills learned to implement a solution to a workplace problem of your choice. This workshop is eligible for a Novice-Level Digital Badge. To earn the digital badge, you must complete all activities and score an 85% or better on assignments.


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Fee: $99.00

Online Class

Date Day Time Location
12/02/2019Monday12M to 12M Online Class
12/03/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online Class
12/04/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online Class
12/05/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online Class
12/06/2019Friday12M to 12M Online Class
12/07/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online Class
12/08/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online Class
12/09/2019Monday12M to 12M Online Class
12/10/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online Class
12/11/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online Class
12/12/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online Class
12/13/2019Friday12M to 12M Online Class