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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Apr 15*Certified Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist Certification (CFOS/S)
Apr 15Irish in Nebraska: Rails and Rebels
Apr 16Active Learning FLC
Apr 17French Braiding 101
Apr 17Using your Gmail Account – Level 1
Apr 17Microsoft Excel
Apr 17Charcuterie: Delicious Duck
Apr 17Air Traffic Controller Program (ages 13-17)
Apr 17Senior Housing Options
Apr 17Internet of Things (IOT) SensorTraining
Apr 18*MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Apr 19*Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing & Main (CFOS/T)
Apr 19*WID Training Talks: Sandler Sales
Apr 19Utility Line Interview Prep
Apr 19How do Thunderstorms Form
Apr 19American Sign Language—Level 2
Apr 20*Negotiating Event Contracts and Agreements
Apr 20Personalized Approach Q&A
Apr 21The Dynamics of Warp Drive Engine
Apr 21*Outside Plant Fiber Optics Specialist (CFOS/O)
Apr 21Solar Electric Basics 
Apr 21*Solar Electric Bundle
Apr 21Maximize Career Opportunities using LinkedIn
Apr 22Navigating Daily Life with Grief and Loss
Apr 22*WID Training Talks: What is Digital Accessibility and How Can it Affect Your Business
Apr 22Earth Day Suncatchers
Apr 22Irish in Nebraska: The Political Arena
Apr 22Separation of Church and State
Apr 23Cuisines: Indian—Chicken Tikka Masala
Apr 23Strengths 3-D Online
Apr 24Using your Gmail Account – Level 2
Apr 24Energy Efficiency
Apr 24Mindful Self-Care Tools for Educators
Apr 24Animation Using Photoshop (ages 13-17)
Apr 24Foraging and Eating Weeds From Your Garden
Apr 24Entomology for Kids (ages 8-11)
Apr 24Solar Electric Application 
Apr 24High Tea Princess Party (ages 4-8)
Apr 24Plant It Up
Apr 24Weight Loss Hypnosis
Apr 24Sonnet (ages 12-15)
Apr 25Building Your E-Portfolio
Apr 26Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Better Health
Apr 26How do Hurricanes Form
Apr 26Googling your Genealogy
Apr 26Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Apr 27*PMI® Certification Training
Apr 27Foundations: Cooking for Health
Apr 28The Discovery of Exoplanets
Apr 29History of South Omaha
Apr 30*Virtual Escape Room
May 1*Prototype Design Lab
May 1*Prototype Design Lab
May 1*Prototype Design Lab
May 1*Prototype Design Lab
May 1Microsoft Excel—Advanced
May 1DIY Greeting Cards
May 1Aging in Place
May 1STEAM Workshop: Rube Goldberg Machines (ages 12-16)
May 1Kinda Vegetarian
May 1*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
May 1Demo + Q&A: Perennial Plant Combinations
May 1Poetry Slam (ages 12-15)
May 2iPad/iPhone Apps for Seniors
May 2Mother's Day Painting Party (ages 5-8)
May 3Nutrition for Healthy Aging
May 3Write Your Life Story (four-hour)
May 3How to Take a Weather Observation
May 3Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Start “Tidying Up"
May 3*Minimalism Lifestyle Bundle
May 4Jedi™ Watercolor Workshop (ages 9-12)
May 4Science Vs. Movie Magic (ages 12-15)
May 5The Future of Space Travel
May 5Computer Workstation Wellness
May 6Death and Dying
May 6Credit
May 6The Presidential Election Process Explained
May 7Tween Night: National Space Day (ages 9-12)
May 7Making Sense of Pandemic Teaching
May 8A Matter of Balance: Falls Management
May 8Patterns, Pockets and Buttons…Oh my!
May 8*Digital Spelling Bee Contest (ages 13-15)
May 8*Makers Workshop: Design a Digital Watch (ages 8-12)
May 8Becoming a Writer: Publishing Through Multiple Mediums
May 9iPad for Business
May 10Beyond the Words: Grave Markers
May 10How to make a Weather Forecast
May 10Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Maintain a “Tidy” Lifestyle
May 10Master Your Pressure Cooker
May 11Money Management for Millennials
May 12Foundations: Knife Skills
May 12Computer Terminology Basics
May 12Getting Started with Podcasting
May 12*WID Training Talks: ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling
May 12*Basic Excel
May 15How to Make a Successful Career Change
May 15Charcuterie: The Bacon Cure
May 17The Earth’s Climate
May 17Freelance Writing (four-hour)
May 20Baking: Quick Breads
May 22Prospect Hill Cemetery Presentation
May 24What is Global Warming and Climate Change About
May 24Digging the Cemetery: Burial Records
May 25*Event Coordination and Production
May 25*Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Plus
May 26Google at Work
Jun 1*IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Prototype Design Lab
Jun 1*Blockchain Foundations
Jun 1*Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive
Jun 1*Blockchain Development Decision
Jun 1*Blockchain for Lawyers
Jun 1*Blockchain Regulatory Environment
Jun 1*Blockchain for the Financial Services Sector
Jun 1*Blockchain and the Insurance Sector
Jun 1*Blockchain for the Healthcare Sector
Jun 1*Blockchain for the Supply Chain Sector
Jun 1*Blockchain for Accountants
Jun 1*Crypto Trading
Jun 1*Blockchain Business Professional Certification
Jun 1*Google and IBM IT Support Professional Certifications
Jun 1*Prototype Design Lab
Jun 1*Mystery Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 1*Mystery Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 1*Olympics Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 1*Color Outside the Lines (ages 12-15; 12-hours)
Jun 1*Code Breakers (ages 11-14)
Jun 1*Engineer Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 1*Art Adventure Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 1*Art Adventure Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 1Soccer FUNdamentals (ages 6-14)
Jun 1*Engineer Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 1*Prototype Design Lab
Jun 1*Olympics Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 1*Pampered Plants (ages 6-9)
Jun 1*(ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
Jun 1*Planetary Pathways (ages 10-13)
Jun 1*Shark Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 1*IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Arizona State University TESOL Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Shark Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 1*IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate
Jun 1*SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate
Jun 1*SRE and DevOps Engineer with Google Cloud Professional Certificate
Jun 1*IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Google Cloud Networking Professional Certificate
Jun 1*IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
Jun 1*Prototype Design Lab
Jun 2Baking: French Macarons
Jun 2*Developing Professional Conduct and Ethical Practices (0003)
Jun 2Adjunct Faculty Institute
Jun 4Chickens (ages 5-10)
Jun 4Chickens (ages 5-10)
Jun 5Chickens (ages 5-10)
Jun 5Chickens (ages 5-10)
Jun 5Flower Frames
Jun 5Creative Photography Bootcamp (ages 12-15)
Jun 6*Introduction to Voiceovers
Jun 6*Capacitación de Asociado de Desarrolló Infantil y Niños Pequeños
Jun 6*Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate Training
Jun 7*Mystery Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 7*Mystery Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 7*Olympics Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 7*Olympics Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 7*Science Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 7*Intro to Songwriting Camp (ages 13-16)
Jun 7The Horse Course 101
Jun 7*Engineer Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 7*Engineer Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 7*Make Sparks Fly, Welding Camp Level 1 (ages 14-17)
Jun 7*Science Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 7Dynamic Planet Camp (ages 8-12)
Jun 7Drone Coding Obstacle Course (ages 9-11)
Jun 7*Aviation Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 7*Aviation Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 8*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Jun 8*Metal Sculpture
Jun 8*Metal Sculpture
Jun 9*Acaademia de Contratistas y Comerciantes
Jun 10*Metal Sculpture
Jun 11*Metal Sculpture
Jun 12Introduction to Japanese Film
Jun 12DIY Greeting Cards
Jun 12Retirement Planning: 50s and Beyond
Jun 12Trick Training
Jun 12*Basic Dog Obedience
Jun 12*Adobe Photoshop Bundle
Jun 12K9 Cardio
Jun 12Adobe Photoshop Basics
Jun 12How to Monetize Your Online Content
Jun 12Acrylic Paint Pour Party
Jun 12*Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Jun 12Senior Watercolor for Beginners
Jun 12Realistic Boundaries for Caregivers
Jun 12Beginners Lace Frontal Wig Making
Jun 13*Drop-in: Online Movers and Shakers Day Pass
Jun 13Drop-in: Online Movers and Shakers (Afternoon)
Jun 13Microsoft Excel
Jun 13Drop-in: Online Movers and Shakers (Morning)
Jun 13Foundations: Knife Skills
Jun 14*Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam Prep
Jun 14*Mystery Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14*Mystery Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 14*Olympics Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14*Science Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 14*Engineer Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 14*Engineer Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
Jun 14*Pampered Plants (ages 6-9)
Jun 14*Make Sparks Fly, Welding Camp Level 1 (ages 14-17)
Jun 14*Olympics Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 14*Roblox Makers (ages 11-14)
Jun 14*Space Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14*Science Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14Give Cable TV the Boot
Jun 14*Space Week (ages 9-11)
Jun 14*ABC's of American Sign Language (ages 12-17; 8-hours)
Jun 14*Art Adventure Week (ages 6-8)
Jun 14*Art Adventure Week (ages 9-11)