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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Aug 23*Agile Planning
Aug 24*Custom Metal Signage
Aug 24Weaving for Beginners — Muffin/Napkin Basket
Aug 24Coffee College: Roasting and Processing
Aug 26Information Session—Open Kitchen Travel: Cuba
Aug 26*Open Kitchen Travel: Cuba (Deposit)
Sep 1*Prototype Design Lab
Sep 1*Prototype Design Lab
Sep 1*Prototype Design Lab
Sep 3*Metal Sculpture
Sep 3*Metal Sculpture
Sep 3*Ceramic Studio Lab — Monthly Pass
Sep 3*Introduction to Social Media
Sep 3*Introduction to Data Analysis
Sep 3*Podcasting
Sep 3*Social Media for Business Certificate
Sep 3*Certificate in Data Analysis
Sep 3*Revenue Generation for Nonprofits
Sep 3*Certificate in Non Profit Administration
Sep 3*Understanding Debits and Credits
Sep 3*Bookkeeping Certificate
Sep 3*Introduction to Game Design
Sep 3*Certificate in Basic Game Design
Sep 3*Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Sep 3*Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Sep 4$$Bundle$$ Labor Studies Certificate
Sep 4Labor History
Sep 4*REACH Construction Industry Certificate
Sep 5*Cuisine: Bohemian Sunday Dinner
Sep 5*Metal Sculpture
Sep 6*Metal Sculpture
Sep 7Building Blocks of Basic Photography
Sep 7Quilting Bootcamp—Roundabout Stars Quilt
Sep 7How To Write Your Memoir
Sep 7Parent and Me Handbuilding Ceramics
Sep 7Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels
Sep 7*Lego Robotics—Mindstorms
Sep 7Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop
Sep 7*Mindful Self-Care for Teachers Workshop
Sep 9*Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE)
Sep 9*Lean 101
Sep 9*Foundations of Project Management
Sep 9Talk Saves Lives
Sep 9Women's Entrepreneurship: Getting Started
Sep 10*Foundations of Project Management
Sep 10*Canning and Preserving II
Sep 10Basic Field Obedience for Hunting
Sep 10Puppy Field Obedience for Hunting
Sep 10Memory and Memoir—Turning Life into Literature
Sep 10Leather Work for Beginners
Sep 10Ultimate Improv for Business or Pleasure
Sep 10*Upholstery 101
Sep 10*Silversmithing for Beginners
Sep 10Basic Wirework: Earrings or Dangles
Sep 10Basic Digital Photography
Sep 10Common Sense Economics
Sep 10Microsoft Excel
Sep 10Food for Life: The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition for Health Intro
Sep 10*Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate Training
Sep 10Event and Wedding Planning: Entrepreneurship and Management
Sep 11*Introduction to Apparel Sewing
Sep 11How to Be a Stand-Up Comedian
Sep 11Creative Writing Sampler
Sep 11Needle Felting
Sep 11Food for Life: The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition for Health Intro
Sep 11Italian for Travel
Sep 11Stained Glass Windows: Lead Came Technique
Sep 11Improv for Seniors
Sep 11*Contractor and Business Academy—Spanish
Sep 12*Workplace Investigations
Sep 12Slow Flow Yoga
Sep 12*Advanced Sewing Lab
Sep 12*Sales: It's Never About Price
Sep 12Ceramics for Beginners
Sep 12Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Sep 12Stained Glass Windows: Lead Came Technique
Sep 12Landscape Design
Sep 12Seniors Watercolor II
Sep 13*Foundations: Charcuterie Weekend Workshop
Sep 13Prospect Hill Cemetery Tour
Sep 13AARP Smart Driver Course
Sep 13Acrylic Painting for Beginners: Willow Tree
Sep 13Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part A and Part B
Sep 14Trick Training
Sep 14K9 Cardio
Sep 14*Introduction to Flat Pattern
Sep 14*Upholstery 201
Sep 14*Upholstery 101
Sep 14*Mystery Tour #1
Sep 14The Longevity Spiral: Be Good to Your Gut
Sep 14Taking Photos From Start to Finish on the Mac—Part 1
Sep 14Microsoft Excel Basics
Sep 14iPad/iPhone 1
Sep 14Chemist for a Day
Sep 14Self-Promotion for Baby Boomers
Sep 14Paints, Stains and Varnishes
Sep 14Beekeeping Basics: Hive Assembly
Sep 14Oil and Vinegar Basics
Sep 14Coffee College: Origin Story
Sep 14Cosplay for Beginners
Sep 14Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach
Sep 14Herbs and Holistic Health: Herbs, Plants and Essential Oils
Sep 14*Basics of Bees
Sep 14DIY Wedding: Budget Savvy Tools
Sep 14*Create a Light in Woodshop
Sep 15Where Did My Files Go?
Sep 15*Voices For All
Sep 16Ballroom Dance: Cha Cha
Sep 16Ballroom Dance: Foxtrot
Sep 16Suicide Prevention: Instilling Hope and Resiliency
Sep 16Acrylic Painting
Sep 16Machine Sewing 101
Sep 16Doily and Hankie Crafts
Sep 16Flamenco for Beginners
Sep 16The Horse Course 101
Sep 16Crochet 101: Introduction
Sep 16Ceramic Jewelry Making
Sep 16Aqua Burn
Sep 16Aqua Burn
Sep 16Beginners Yoga
Sep 16The Business of Life
Sep 16Food for Life: The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition for Health Intro
Sep 16Water Aerobics
Sep 16*Professionalism in the Workplace & Preventing Harassment
Sep 17*Foundations: Knife Skills
Sep 17Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Sep 17Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Sep 17Football Facts with George Darlington
Sep 17Yarn Spinning
Sep 17Weaving 101
Sep 17Chain Maille: Half Persian Weave Bracelet
Sep 17Beginning Bridge 
Sep 17Bon Appétit Platter: Fused Pumpkin
Sep 17Guitar I
Sep 17*Medical Decision Making from a Patient Perspective
Sep 18Silversmithing: Beginning / Intermediate
Sep 18Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Sep 18Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Sep 18*Upholstery 101
Sep 18Successful Meal Planning
Sep 18Nebraska Legends, Myths and Monsters
Sep 18Watercolor Workshop
Sep 18Women’s Latin Dance Performance
Sep 18Belly Dancing
Sep 18Ceramics: Halloween Creations
Sep 18Using Office Applications on the Mac—Part 1
Sep 18Android 101: Smartphones and Tablets
Sep 18Build a Website from Concept to Publication
Sep 18$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Solar Electric Bundle
Sep 18Solar Electric Basics 
Sep 18*Nebraska Construction Contractors Seminar
Sep 18*Nebraska Sales/Use Tax Seminar
Sep 18Organize and Redesign Your Living Spaces
Sep 18World Dance
Sep 19How to Write and Publish a Childrens Book
Sep 19History of South Omaha
Sep 19Mindfulness Meditation
Sep 19Piano I
Sep 20*Foundations: The Incredible Egg
Sep 20Basket Weaving: Autumn Catchall
Sep 203D Pen STEM Creations—Bridge Lesson
Sep 20Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Supplement Plans
Sep 20Self-Defense for Seniors
Sep 20Wood and Ceramic Wind Chimes for Beginners
Sep 21*Wind Chime Making
Sep 21*Foundations: The Incredible Egg
Sep 21Revit Family Creation for Building Systems
Sep 21Car Care Workshop for Teens
Sep 21Ceramic Wall Pocket
Sep 21Wheel Thrown Pottery for Beginners
Sep 21How to Write and Publish a Childrens Book
Sep 21Ceramics: Date Night
Sep 21Taking Photos From Start to Finish on the Mac—Part 2
Sep 21Make videos with Premiere Pro
Sep 21iPad/iPhone 2
Sep 21Solar Electric Application 
Sep 21Fun Physics: Newton's Law
Sep 21Media Literacy in the Age of “Fake News”
Sep 21Orchard, Crop and Garden Bee Pollination
Sep 21Becoming a Writer: How to Tell a Story
Sep 21Active Learning
Sep 21Cheeseboards and Platters
Sep 21Sneaker Design Made Easy
Sep 21*Horticulture: Fall and Winter Perennials
Sep 22Googling Around
Sep 23Talk Saves Lives
Sep 23Aikido for Beginners
Sep 23Japanese Swordsmanship
Sep 23Beginner's Guide to Pour Over
Sep 23Information Session—Open Kitchen Travel: Cuba
Sep 24Beadweaving: Spiral Stitch Bracelet
Sep 24Coral Bowl
Sep 25Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Sep 25Using Office Applications on the Mac—Part 2
Sep 25Android 201: Make Android Work for You
Sep 26Public Art in Omaha
Sep 26Real Estate—Maximize Your Profits
Sep 27AARP Smart Driver Course
Sep 27No Stress Retirement Planning
Sep 27Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans
Sep 28*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Sep 28Intro to Birds
Sep 28Prospect Hill Cemetery Tour
Sep 28Past Life Regression
Sep 28Tai Chi Basics
Sep 28Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Sep 28The Longevity Spiral: Make Your Own Medicine
Sep 28iPad/iPhone 3
Sep 28You, on Social Media Video
Sep 28Fall is the Time for Planting
Sep 28Integrated Pest Management for Pollinating Bees
Sep 28Coffee College: Sensory Development
Sep 28Boho Chic Four Panel Pillow
Sep 28Ask-Listen-Encourage
Sep 28Salsas and Garnishes
Sep 28Setting Boundaries that Build Bridges
Sep 28DIY Wedding: Planning and Personal Touch  
Sep 29*Plasma Cutting & Powder Coating
Sep 29*Mixology: Fall Cocktails
Sep 30*Certified Fiber Optics Technician Certification (CFOT)
Sep 30*Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC)
Sep 30Suicide Prevention: Instilling Hope and Resiliency
Sep 30Crochet 201: Next Steps
Sep 30Learn Spanish Using Duolingo©
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Cuisines: Discover Ramen
Oct 1Knitting 101: Introduction
Oct 1*Ceramic Studio Lab — Monthly Pass
Oct 1MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Oct 1Inking Around
Oct 1*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Oct 1*Am I Awake or are my Eyes just Open?
Oct 2*Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement
Oct 2Master Your Pressure Cooker
Oct 2Organizing and Productivity for the Small Business Owner
Oct 2Collective Bargaining Preparation
Oct 2Android 301: Advanced Settings, Tips and Tricks
Oct 3*Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing & Main (CFOS/T)
Oct 3*Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor (CTIA)
Oct 3Small Engine Repair
Oct 3Calligraphy: The Italic Hand
Oct 3The Art of Drawing
Oct 3Eastern Europe in Omaha
Oct 4*Cuisines: Discover Ramen
Oct 4*Dental Assisting Review
Oct 4Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part D for Medicine Coverage
Oct 4Touring History—North Omaha Past and Present
Oct 4Decorative Ceramic Tile Keepsake for Beginners
Oct 5*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Oct 5Outdoor Survival Skills
Oct 5*Blacksmithing Basics
Oct 5Bob Ross: Golden Sunset
Oct 5Parent and Me Ceramic Painting Spooktacular
Oct 5Adobe Photoshop Basics
Oct 5$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ *Adobe Photoshop Bundle
Oct 5*Lego Robotics—Mindstorms
Oct 5iCloud
Oct 5Computer Basics
Oct 5STEM—Makey Makey Kit Creations
Oct 5*Game of Drones
Oct 5Beekeeping Basics: Intro to Beekeeping
Oct 5Salts of the Earth
Oct 5Chicago Cubs History
Oct 5Building Community
Oct 5Herbs and Holistic Health: Tinctures, Tonics and Other Applications
Oct 5DIY Wedding: Décor and Crafts 
Oct 5Wall Framing—Part I
Oct 5Wiring I—Electrical Theory, Outlets and Switches
Oct 5Wiring II—Switches Part II and Trouble Shooting
Oct 5*TinkRbot
Oct 6Microsoft Excel
Oct 7*Certified Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist Certification (CFOS/S)
Oct 7Basics of Acting
Oct 7Mold Making with Ceramics
Oct 7*Cash is King
Oct 7*Intermediate Data Analysis
Oct 7*Marketing Using Social Media
Oct 7*General Ledger and Month End Procedures
Oct 7*Intermediate Video Game Design
Oct 7*Ceramic Tile Flooring
Oct 7QuickBooks, Level 1
Oct 8*Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in the Workplace
Oct 8*Agile 101
Oct 8*The Basics of Soup Making
Oct 8*Blacksmithing Lab
Oct 8Increasing Political Effectiveness
Oct 8Computer Security, Password Strategies and Troubleshooting on the Mac
Oct 8Tableau Fundamentals
Oct 8Child Safety Class
Oct 8Wedding and Event Trends
Oct 9*Outside Plant Fiber Optics Specialist (CFOS/O)
Oct 9Beginning Blues Harmonic
Oct 9$$ BUNDLE & SAVE $$ Harmonica Duo
Oct 9Healthy Harmonica
Oct 9Life Coach Skills
Oct 9Car Buying Strategies
Oct 9Confidently Buying and Selling Online
Oct 9Fancifully Frugal
Oct 10*Upholstery 101
Oct 10Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 10*Silversmithing: Learn to Saw
Oct 10Bosses of the Midwest
Oct 10*Autumn Foliage in the Loess Hills
Oct 10Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Start “Tidying Up"
Oct 10$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Minimalism Lifestyle Bundle
Oct 10Where’s My Stuff? File Management on the Mac
Oct 11*Project Requirements & Procurement Management
Oct 11Intro to Birds
Oct 11Modern Cross Stitch
Oct 11AARP Smart Driver Course
Oct 11*Cuisines: Indian—Chicken Tikka Masala
Oct 11Spooktacular Ceramic Paint Party
Oct 12*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Oct 12*Build a Memory Box
Oct 12Basic Dog Obedience
Oct 12*Reiki Level 1
Oct 12Prospect Hill Cemetery Tour
Oct 12Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Oct 12Barn Quilt Painting 4'x4'
Oct 12Sneakers Marbling
Oct 12Photography: Birds, Nature and Wildlife
Oct 12Screen Writing For Beginners
Oct 12The Longevity Spiral: Make Health Your Hobby
Oct 12Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Oct 12Your Financial Health: Investing, Saving and Much More
Oct 12iWatch
Oct 12Using your Gmail Account – Level 1
Oct 12Self-Promotion for Baby Boomers
Oct 12*Art Electric
Oct 12Fused Glass Ornaments
Oct 12Beekeeping Basics: Honey Bee Anatomy and Physiology
Oct 12Coffee College: Brewing Methods
Oct 1221st Century Log Cabin Pillow
Oct 12*Madison County Bridge Festival
Oct 12Cooperative Learning
Oct 12Nutrition for the Growing Child
Oct 12Child Safety Class
Oct 12DIY Halloween Costume Workshop
Oct 12Masonry: Construction and Repair
Oct 12Drywall Installation I
Oct 12Drywall Installation II
Oct 12Junking and Thrifting for Beginners
Oct 14*Improvement/Coaching (I/C) Kata
Oct 14Machine Sewing 201
Oct 14Parliamentary Procedure 
Oct 15*Project Requirements & Procurement Management
Oct 15*Vegetables, Grains and Legumes: Fall Session
Oct 15Herbs 101
Oct 15Knitting 201: Next Steps
Oct 15Travel Safety Class
Oct 15Tree of Life Bowl
Oct 15*Beauty Shops to Coffee Shops: The Importance of Social Connectedness
Oct 16*Introduction to Apparel Sewing: Part II
Oct 16Nebraska Legends, Myths and Monsters
Oct 16Hand Embroidery for Beginners
Oct 16Ceramic Painting: Girl's Night Out
Oct 16Getting into the Boutique Business
Oct 16Blogging for Beginners
Oct 16Conceptos Básicos de Computadoras
Oct 16The History of Hip-Hop
Oct 16Handwriting Analysis: Graphology for Beginners
Oct 16*Open Kitchen Travel: Cuba (Balance)
Oct 17Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 17Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Maintain a “Tidy” Lifestyle
Oct 17Acrylic Painting: Bring the Canvas to Life
Oct 18*Taking Final Impressions for Removable Prostheses
Oct 19*Build an Electric Guitar
Oct 19Modern Cross Stitch
Oct 19Songwriting Workshop
Oct 19Book Publishing Bootcamp
Oct 19How to Make Homemade Premium Soap
Oct 19How to Make Premium Handmade Lotions
Oct 19Grandparent and Me Handbuilding Ceramics
Oct 19Ceramics: Thanksgiving Creations
Oct 19*Mystery Tour #2
Oct 19Using your Gmail Account – Level 2
Oct 19Crime Prevention
Oct 19Wave Cross: Fused Glass
Oct 19Beekeeping Basics: Honey Bee Behavior
Oct 19Becoming a Writer: How to Research
Oct 19Homework Help
Oct 19Herbs and Holistic Health: Ailments and Superfoods
Oct 19No Bake Holiday Cookies
Oct 19Basic Self-Defense for Women
Oct 19*Make a Robotic Smart Car
Oct 19Interior Trim Work I
Oct 19Interior Trim Work II
Oct 21Tussy Mussy
Oct 21The Horse Course 102
Oct 21*Litigation Landmines