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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Sep 18Using Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts
Sep 19*Game Development I Using Unity
Sep 19Foraging and Eating Weeds From Your Garden
Sep 19Senior Watercolor for Beginners
Sep 19Tai Chi Basics
Sep 19You Go Girl Code Club (ages 8-17)
Sep 19*Become a YouTube Star
Sep 19Floral Design: Ikebana Entry Way Pieces
Sep 21*Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT)
Sep 21Successful Meal Planning
Sep 21Microsoft PowerPoint 
Sep 22Financial Survival for Retirement
Sep 23Build a Website from Concept to Publication
Sep 23Beginner’s Country Line Dancing
Sep 23How to Read Weather Charts
Sep 23Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part A and Part B
Sep 24Line Dancing: Ladies Night
Sep 24Get Organized: Tips to Transform your Day
Sep 24*License Renewal for Electricians
Sep 24Contested Elections
Sep 25Omaha Classics
Sep 25Mental Wellness During the Pandemic
Sep 26Becoming a Writer: How to Tell a Story
Sep 26Kansas City Baseball History
Sep 26Basics of Bees
Sep 26*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Sep 28Cuisines: Sushi
Sep 28*Certified Fiber Optics Technician Certification (CFOT)
Sep 28*Pharmacy Technician Certification Program
Sep 29Microsoft Excel
Sep 29Faculty Conversations: Students in Distress
Sep 30*Solar Electric Bundle
Sep 30How Does Weather Radar Work
Sep 30Solar Electric Basics 
Sep 30Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Supplement Plans
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing & Main (CFOS/T)
Oct 2Buying Groceries Online
Oct 2Omaha Classics
Oct 2Guided Pathways Demystified (PF)
Oct 3Internet of Things (IOT) Using Smart Technology
Oct 3Chicago Cubs History
Oct 3*Become a YouTube Star (ages 13-17)
Oct 3*Dissection Workshop—Frogs (ages 12-15)
Oct 3Solar Electric Application 
Oct 3iPad/iPhone 1
Oct 3*Learn to Code
Oct 3*Experiment With the Brain (Zoom; ages 8-11)
Oct 4Mixology: Fall Cocktails
Oct 4*MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Oct 5Write Your Life Story (four-hour)
Oct 5Cuisines: Discover Ramen
Oct 5*Project Requirements, Procurement and Cost Management
Oct 5How to make a Weather Forecast
Oct 5*Certified Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist Certification (CFOS/S)
Oct 6*Event and Wedding Planning: Entrepreneurship and Management
Oct 6*Art 430 NEC Motors
Oct 6Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Better Health
Oct 6All Shook Up: How Rock and Roll Changed America
Oct 6Foundations: Pasta Basics
Oct 7*Sandler Sales Training Bootcamp
Oct 7Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Start “Tidying Up"
Oct 7*Minimalism Lifestyle Bundle
Oct 7Public Speaking with Power
Oct 7Weather Fronts and Formations
Oct 7Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans
Oct 7*Outside Plant Fiber Optics Specialist (CFOS/O)
Oct 8Powers of the Three Branches of Government
Oct 8Space Science
Oct 9Navigating Ambiguity
Oct 9Cuisine: Flavors of Peru
Oct 10Kombucha Making 101
Oct 10Your Financial Health: Investing, Saving and Tax Strategies
Oct 10Becoming a Writer: How to Research
Oct 10Weight Loss Hypnosis
Oct 10iPad/iPhone 2
Oct 10*Art Electric
Oct 10Floral Design: Fall Wreath
Oct 10Introduction to Grant Writing
Oct 10*Dissection Workshop—Pigs (ages 12-15)
Oct 12*Nebraska Insurance Pre-License Training: Life and Health
Oct 12Cities Through Time
Oct 13*Art 450 NEC Transformers
Oct 13Tableau Fundamentals
Oct 13Baking: Pies
Oct 13Drawing For Beginners
Oct 13Financial Survival for Retirement
Oct 13The Earth’s Climate
Oct 13Basic Digital Photography
Oct 14Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Maintain a “Tidy” Lifestyle
Oct 14How do Thunderstorms Form
Oct 14Graphic Design for Small Business and Entrepreneurs
Oct 14Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part D for Medicine Coverage
Oct 14Salsa Shines Workshop
Oct 15Savvy Social Security: What Boomers Need to Know
Oct 15Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Oct 15EdTech Tools and Collaboration Spaces
Oct 16The Four Pillars of Health 
Oct 17Tour the Solar System (ages 5-12)
Oct 17Internet of Things (IOT) SensorTraining
Oct 17DIY Wedding: Planning and Personal Touch  
Oct 17*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Oct 17Paper Flower Making
Oct 17Modern Embroidery
Oct 17iPad/iPhone 3
Oct 17Animation Using Photoshop (ages 13-17)
Oct 17ABC’s of American Sign Language (Zoom; ages 12-17) 
Oct 19Learn Spanish Using Duolingo©
Oct 19Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Oct 19Adobe Photoshop Basics
Oct 19Human Migration 2010-2015
Oct 19*Blanchard SLII Training
Oct 20*Art 760 NEC Fire Alarms
Oct 20Microsoft Excel—Advanced
Oct 20Foundations: The Incredible Egg
Oct 20What is Global Warming and Climate Change About
Oct 20*Designing Event Backdrops
Oct 21How do Hurricanes Form
Oct 21Hubbard Sustainability Series—Climate Change and Agriculture
Oct 22The Presidential Election Process Explained
Oct 23*Dental Assisting Review
Oct 24*Game Development II Using Unity
Oct 24Extreme Weather (ages 5-12)
Oct 24ePortfolios
Oct 24Becoming a Writer: Publishing Through Multiple Mediums
Oct 24Cloud Computing with Google
Oct 24*Drone Flying
Oct 24Horticulture: Exploring the Fall Vegetable Garden
Oct 25Prospect Hill Cemetery Presentation
Oct 26Freelance Writing (four-hour)
Oct 26Human Transportation
Oct 26*Blanchard First-Time Manager Training
Oct 27*QuickBooks, Level 2
Oct 27Cuisines: Indian Vegetarian Style
Oct 28How to Take a Weather Observation
Oct 28HTML 101: Hand Coding and Dreamweaver
Oct 29No Stress Retirement Planning
Oct 31The History of Hip-Hop
Oct 31Playwright Life—Telling your Story
Oct 31World Population Growth (ages 5-12)
Oct 31iCloud
Oct 31Trick Training
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1Microsoft Excel
Nov 2*MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Nov 2*Project Leadership Essentials
Nov 2The Bermuda Triangle
Nov 3*Art 645 Informational Technology Equipment
Nov 3Cuisines: Indian—Chicken Tikka Masala
Nov 4Country Line Dancing Workshop
Nov 4Brazilian Samba Workshop
Nov 6Strengths 3-D Online
Nov 6Foundations: Advanced Pasta Techniques
Nov 7Internet of Things (IOT) Using Smart Technology
Nov 7Kinda Vegetarian
Nov 7Extraordinary Experiments (ages 7-11)
Nov 7DIY Wedding: Décor and Crafts 
Nov 7Modern Cross Stitch
Nov 7Earth’s Energy (ages 5-12)
Nov 7101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Nov 7*TinkRbot-Make Your Own Robot (ages 8-10)
Nov 9Are UFO’S Real?
Nov 10*Building a Culture of Creative Thinking
Nov 10Vegetables, Grains and Legumes: Fall Session
Nov 11Country Line Dancing Workshop
Nov 11Confidently Buying and Selling Online
Nov 12Savvy Social Security: Planning for Couples
Nov 12WID Talks -- Disciplined Agile
Nov 12*License Renewal for Electricians
Nov 14The Longevity Spiral: Exploring the Gut-Brain Connection
Nov 14Spittin' Fire
Nov 14French Braiding 101
Nov 14Travel Safety Class: Post COVID-19
Nov 14Appy Hour for Seniors
Nov 14Playwright Life—Plotting and Developing
Nov 14Climate Change (ages 5-12)
Nov 14Embroidered Felt Ornaments
Nov 14Introduction to Universal Design for Learning
Nov 16*Drone Aerial Photography & Videography
Nov 16Introduction to Genealogy
Nov 16Master Your Pressure Cooker
Nov 16*EPI Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
Nov 16Are Ghosts Real?
Nov 17*Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Plus
Nov 17Cuisines: Sushi