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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Dec 11Give Cable TV the Boot
Dec 13The Future of Weather Forecasting
Dec 13iCloud
Dec 13*Silversmithing: Girls Night Out—Hammered Earrings
Dec 14Holiday Painting for Kids
Dec 14*Gingerbread House Decorating
Dec 14Fused Glass Ornaments
Dec 14MS Project Made Easy
Dec 14*The Longevity Spiral: How to stay L.E.A.N.
Dec 14Self-Defense for Seniors
Dec 14Coffee College: Origin Story
Dec 14*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Dec 15*Holiday Mystery Tour
Dec 16Fit Kids: Holiday Style
Dec 17Hand-Crafted Glass Blown Ornaments
Dec 17Pinterest for Business and Blogs
Dec 18The Discovery of Exoplanets
Dec 18*Sandler Sales Training Bootcamp
Dec 18Bon Appétit Platter: Snowman
Dec 19Winter Sewing Workshop: Double-Sided Fleece Blanket
Dec 19Drawing Drop In—Ink washing
Dec 20Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans
Dec 20What is Global Warming and Climate Change About
Dec 20Paw Wax for Pups
Dec 21How to Make Premium Handmade Lotions
Dec 21Homemade Soaps and Lotions Bundle
Dec 21*Reiki Level 1
Dec 22*Make a Family Theme Board Game
Dec 27*TinkRbot
Dec 27Become a Professional Youtuber©/Streamer
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Mini Culinary Camp
Jan 2Slow Flow Yoga
Jan 2Fit Kids–Fun, Fitness and Food
Jan 2Drone Coding Camp
Jan 3Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part D for Medicine Coverage
Jan 3*Mini Culinary Camp
Jan 4You Go Girl Code Club
Jan 4*Build a Lighted Shadow Box
Jan 43D Pen STEM Creations—Bridge Lesson
Jan 4Watercolor Workshop
Jan 4Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach
Jan 4Ceramics: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building
Jan 4Extreme Weather (ages 5-12)
Jan 4Build Your Own E-Portfolio
Jan 5*3D Printing for Beginners
Jan 5*T-Shirt Design
Jan 6*Writing Effective Email Basics
Jan 6*Digital Marketing Certificate Program
Jan 6Advanced Ballroom: West Coast Swing
Jan 6Advanced Ballroom: Swing
Jan 6Extreme Weather
Jan 6Beginner's Guide to Pour Over
Jan 7MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Jan 7Basic Digital Photography
Jan 7Tech Savvy for Business
Jan 7Loom Weaving: Stripes, Checks and Plaids
Jan 7Microsoft Publisher: The Lost Art of Layout 
Jan 7*Upholstery 101
Jan 7Yoga for EveryBody
Jan 7*Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®)
Jan 7*Agile 101
Jan 7Senior Watercolor for Beginners
Jan 7*Project Leadership Essentials
Jan 7*Project Leadership Essentials
Jan 7Yarn Spinning
Jan 73D Pen STEM Creations—Tower Lesson 
Jan 8Belly Dancing
Jan 8Women’s Latin Dance Performance
Jan 8*Public Speaking with Power
Jan 8Drawing Fundamentals
Jan 8Seniors Watercolor I
Jan 8*Upholstery 101
Jan 8Home Organizing 101
Jan 8Small Business Start Up
Jan 8Diving into WordPress Development
Jan 8Find the Best Deals and Avoid Scams
Jan 8*REACH Construction Industry Certificate
Jan 8QuickBooks, Level 1
Jan 8Beginners Yoga
Jan 8Space Propulsion
Jan 9Beginners Yoga for Seniors
Jan 9Drawing Drop In—Zendoodle in Color
Jan 9Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Jan 9Intro to the Mac for 50 Plus
Jan 9Healthy Happy Hormones
Jan 9Investing for Beginners
Jan 9Mobile App Design
Jan 9Welding Lab for Teens
Jan 9Machine Sewing 101
Jan 10Tween Night—Ceramic Studio
Jan 10Dyeing Yarn with a Loved One
Jan 10Prospect Hill Cemetery Presentation
Jan 10How to Read Weather Charts
Jan 10*Pairing Studio: Classic and Contemporary Greece
Jan 11Sewing with a Loved One
Jan 11*Pairing Studio: Classic and Contemporary Greece
Jan 11*Designing an Everyday Floral Piece
Jan 11Tour the Solar System (ages 5-12)
Jan 11Becoming a Writer: How to Tell a Story
Jan 11*Parent/Child Quilling Project
Jan 11Coffee College: Brewing Methods
Jan 11Active Learning
Jan 11InDesign for Business
Jan 11Taking Photos From Start to Finish on the Mac—Part 1
Jan 11Social Media Essentials for Nonprofits
Jan 11Weight Loss Hypnosis
Jan 11Karate for Women
Jan 11Chemist for a Day
Jan 11*Lego Robotics—Mindstorms
Jan 11*TinkRbot
Jan 11*Upholstery 201
Jan 11Wall Framing—Part I
Jan 11*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Jan 11*Make a Fruit Piano Using Raspberry Pi
Jan 12Microsoft Excel
Jan 13Tour the Solar System 
Jan 13Fused Glass Wine/Bottle Stop
Jan 13Successful Meal Planning
Jan 13$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Meal Planning
Jan 14Evolution of Monsters
Jan 14Moving Beyond Auto-Pilot
Jan 14*Silversmithing for Beginners
Jan 14Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Jan 14Advanced Ballroom: Swing
Jan 14Guitar I
Jan 14*Drone Aerial Photography & Videography
Jan 14Event Design and Floral Artistry
Jan 14*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Jan 14Tableau Fundamentals
Jan 15Resume Building for the 21st Century
Jan 15Android 101: Smartphones and Tablets
Jan 15*Contractor and Business Academy—Spanish
Jan 15The Dynamics of Warp Drive Engine
Jan 15*Cuisines: Discover Ramen
Jan 15Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Jan 15Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Jan 15Martin Luther King Luncheon - Current MCC Students
Jan 15Martin Luther King Luncheon - MCC Employees
Jan 15Martin Luther King Luncheon - General Admission
Jan 16Piano I
Jan 16Cartooning for Teens
Jan 16*Upholstery Lab
Jan 16Drawing Drop In—Not Your Mama’s Tea Time
Jan 16Senior Housing Options
Jan 17Internet Safety
Jan 17$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Solar Electric Bundle
Jan 17Solar Electric Basics 
Jan 17No Stress Retirement Planning
Jan 17How Does Weather Radar Work
Jan 17*Silversmithing: Girls Night Out—Stamped Bracelet
Jan 18The Art of Drawing
Jan 18Building Blocks of Basic Photography
Jan 18Basic Yarn Dyeing
Jan 18*Introduction to Flat Pattern II
Jan 18Lift Off! Programming and Flying Drones Using Swift Playgrounds
Jan 18Basket Weaving: Anniversary Basket
Jan 18Basic Dog Obedience
Jan 18Polymer Clay Jewelry
Jan 18*Make Upcycle Metal Project
Jan 18Wall Framing—Part II
Jan 18Quilting Bootcamp—Roundabout Stars Quilt
Jan 18DIY Wedding: Budget Savvy Tools
Jan 18Climate Change (ages 5-12)
Jan 18Ask-Listen-Encourage
Jan 18Basic Self-Defense for Women
Jan 18Salts of the Earth
Jan 18History of Omaha Hockey
Jan 18Appy Hour
Jan 18Solar Electric Application 
Jan 18Aging is a State of Mind
Jan 18Nailing Your Interview
Jan 18Everyone Can Code
Jan 20Climate Change 
Jan 21PayPal for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Jan 21Travel Safety Class
Jan 21Windows vs. Chrome OS
Jan 21Creative Life—How to Use Color
Jan 21Nebraska True Crime
Jan 22*Introduction to Apparel Sewing: Part II
Jan 22Tourist's Survival Guide to Italy
Jan 22Glaze Pouring Party
Jan 22Organizing and Productivity for the Small Business Owner
Jan 22Android 201: Make Android Work for You
Jan 22Entangled Particles and Warp Bubbles
Jan 23Drawing Drop In—Mixed Media Soup
Jan 23History of South Omaha
Jan 23*Advanced Sewing Lab
Jan 24Weather Fronts and Formations
Jan 24*Project Risk Management
Jan 24Sustainable Practices—Learn How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 
Jan 25*The Longevity Spiral: Exploring the Gut-Brain Connection
Jan 25Digital Photo Storage and Management
Jan 25Building Community
Jan 25Playwright Life—Telling your Story
Jan 25*Beekeeping Basics: Build Your Hive
Jan 25Sharks on the Move (ages 5-12)
Jan 25Coffee College: Sensory Development
Jan 25*Mindful Self-Care Tools for Educators
Jan 25Drywall Installation I
Jan 25Drywall Installation II
Jan 25*Build a Custom Metal Sign
Jan 25Advanced Games
Jan 25K9 Cardio
Jan 25Modern Embroidery
Jan 25Fun Physics: Newton's Law
Jan 25Tai Chi Basics
Jan 25Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Jan 25Parent and Me Handprint Plate
Jan 26*Make Laser Cut Jewelry
Jan 26*Baking School 2: Creams, Custards, Fillings & Glazes
Jan 27*Project Requirements & Procurement Management
Jan 27*Terminating an Employee
Jan 27Stable Management
Jan 27Mold Making with Ceramics
Jan 27Serger Basics Workshop
Jan 27Sharks on the Move
Jan 28Electronic Dance Music
Jan 28Your Digital Legacy
Jan 28*Critical Conversations in the Workplace
Jan 29*Culinary Foundations: Risotto School
Jan 29Android 301: Advanced Settings, Tips and Tricks
Jan 29Nebraska Aviation
Jan 30Aging in Place
Jan 30The History of Hip-Hop
Jan 30Creative Life—Water Media Workshop
Jan 30Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Start “Tidying Up"
Jan 30$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Minimalism Lifestyle Bundle
Jan 30Public Art in the Midwest
Jan 31*Baking School 3: Cake, Páte á Choux and Garniture
Jan 31How do Thunderstorms Form
Feb 1Birds on the Move (ages 5-12)
Feb 1DIY Greeting Cards
Feb 1Cooperative Learning
Feb 1Becoming a Writer: How to Research
Feb 1Illustrator for Beginners
Feb 1Intro to Google Docs
Feb 1MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Feb 1Chicken Scratch for Beginners
Feb 1*Laser Engrave a Photo
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Lego Robotics—Mindstorms
Feb 1*Game of Drones
Feb 1How to Write Your Book
Feb 1Kayak Design and Construction Primer
Feb 1Mixed Media for Teens
Feb 1Plumbing—Toilets
Feb 1Plumbing—Faucets and Valves
Feb 1*Reiki Level 1
Feb 1*Art Electric
Feb 2Science Literacy
Feb 2*Ukulele Making
Feb 2iPad/iPhone 1
Feb 3*Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Feb 3Birds on the Move
Feb 3*Bookkeeping Certificate
Feb 3*Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Feb 3*Certificate in Data Analysis
Feb 3*Drone Flying
Feb 3*Improving Time Management
Feb 3Handcrafted Greeting Cards
Feb 3Machine Sewing: Heavy Duty
Feb 3Classical Greek Architecture
Feb 3*Social Media for Business Certificate
Feb 3*Introduction to Social Media
Feb 3*Certificate in Basic Game Design
Feb 3*Introduction to Data Analysis
Feb 3*Introduction to Game Design
Feb 3*Understanding Debits and Credits
Feb 3*Revenue Generation for Nonprofits
Feb 3*Nebraska Insurance Pre-License Training: Property and Casualty
Feb 4*Unity 3D Academy
Feb 4*Project Cost Management
Feb 4Conference Logistics
Feb 4Microsoft Excel
Feb 4Creative Life—The Love Book
Feb 5*Air Fryer Cooking
Feb 5Build a Website from Concept to Publication
Feb 5Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part A and Part B
Feb 5NikolaTesla
Feb 5Charcoal and Pastel Still Life Drawing for Beginners
Feb 5Getting Crafty with Vinyl 
Feb 6Midwest Crime Bosses
Feb 6Machine Sewing 201
Feb 6*Workplace Investigations
Feb 6Coral Bowl
Feb 6Calligraphy: The Italic Hand
Feb 6Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Maintain a “Tidy” Lifestyle
Feb 7How do Hurricanes Form
Feb 7*Historical Dining Studio: West African
Feb 7Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Feb 7Barn Quilt Painting 4'x4'
Feb 7*Silversmithing: Couples Night Out
Feb 7Fiber Art: Date Night
Feb 8Dyeing Spinning Fiber
Feb 8Basket Weaving: Mardi Gras Catchall
Feb 8*Game of Drones
Feb 8How to Publish Your Book
Feb 8*UV Print a Photo
Feb 8Extreme Weather (ages 5-12)
Feb 8Appy Hour for Seniors
Feb 8Coffee College: Roasting and Processing
Feb 8Homework Help
Feb 8Managing Millennials
Feb 8Herbs and Holistic Health
Feb 8Where’s My Stuff? File Management on the Mac
Feb 8Grow Your Biz with Social Media Video
Feb 9iPad/iPhone 2