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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Sep 19*Nebraska Fire & Arson Investigation Conference - Wednesday
Sep 19*Contractor & Business Academy - Spanish
Sep 19Silversmithing: Beginning / Intermediate
Sep 19Ballroom Dance: Foxtrot
Sep 19Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
Sep 19Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Sep 19Ballroom Dance - Intermediate
Sep 19Wire & Bead Bonsai Tree
Sep 19*Pasta Basics
Sep 19Country Couples Dancing
Sep 19Beginner's Country Line Dancing
Sep 19Tourist's Survival Guide to Italy
Sep 19Building a Website With Weebly
Sep 20*Litigation Landmines
Sep 20*Nebraska Fire & Arson Investigation Conference - Thursday
Sep 20Calligraphy: The Italic Hand
Sep 20String Art Workshop: Fall Pumpkin Door Décor
Sep 20*PMI-ACP Exam Prep
Sep 20Small Engine Repair
Sep 20Weaving 101
Sep 20Introducing Numbers on the Mac
Sep 20*Reclaimed Life
Sep 20Landscape Design
Sep 20Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Sep 21*Administration of Nitrous Oxide Analgesia
Sep 21*Introduction to Apparel Sewing
Sep 22IPhoneography - Taking better pictures with your iPhone
Sep 22Powerpoint, Intermediate
Sep 22*Silversmithing - Open Studio Hours
Sep 22Understanding Basic Photography
Sep 22Not All Satin Is The Same! An Intro to Textiles
Sep 22Aging is a State of Mind
Sep 22*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Sep 22Crime Prevention
Sep 22Pitch and Grow Rich in Your Niche
Sep 22Wiring I - Electrical Theory, Outlets and Switches
Sep 22Wiring II -Switches Part II and Trouble Shooting
Sep 22Sensory Development
Sep 24*EPI Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
Sep 24Active Learning
Sep 25Football Facts with George Darlington
Sep 25Crochet 201: Next Steps
Sep 25Beginning Guitar and More
Sep 25From Scraps to Storytelling Quilts
Sep 25Beyond Samba and Carnival
Sep 26*EPI Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS)
Sep 26How to be a Stand Up Comedian
Sep 26Beadweaving: Tubular Herringbone Stitch
Sep 26Microsoft Excel Basics
Sep 26Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Sep 26Android 101: Smartphones and Tablets
Sep 26*Contractor & Business Academy - Spanish
Sep 27*License Renewal for Electricians
Sep 27*Cuisines: American Southwest
Sep 27String Art Workshop: Halloween Decor
Sep 27Fused Glass Wine/Bottle Stop
Sep 27*Listen Closely to Whispering Roots
Sep 27Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Sep 28*Ukulele Making
Sep 29How to Make Homemade Premium Soap
Sep 29How to Make Premium Handmade Lotions
Sep 29Handle Your Money Like a Boss
Sep 29Weight Loss Hypnosis
Sep 29Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
Sep 29Build Movies and Movie Trailers on the iPad
Sep 29iPhone – How to Utilize Your Phone’s Potential
Sep 29Cabinetry: Build a Night Stand
Sep 29Fall is the Time for Planting
Sep 29Home Brew
Oct 1*Prototype Design Lab
Oct 1*CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification
Oct 1Ask-Listen-Encourage
Oct 1Machine Sewing 101
Oct 1Basketball Referee Training 101: Between the Lines
Oct 1Custodial Technician Basic Training Course
Oct 1*PMI - PMP Exam Prep
Oct 2How to Start an Art Business
Oct 2Writing and Publishing Stories for Children
Oct 2Collective Bargaining Preparation
Oct 2QuickBooks, Level 2
Oct 3Belly Dancing
Oct 3Women's Latin Dance Performance
Oct 3Wire Weave around a Bead
Oct 3Power Reading
Oct 3*Culinary Foundations: Knife Skills
Oct 3Small Business Start-Up
Oct 3Solar Electric Basics 
Oct 3$$Bundle$$ Solar Electric Basics/ Solar Electric Applications
Oct 4Android 201: Make Android Work for You
Oct 4Explore Pages and Notes on the iPad
Oct 4Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 5*Dental Assisting Review
Oct 5*Cuisines: Gumbo School
Oct 5*Agile Brown Bag Session: Recipe for Innovation
Oct 5Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 6*Blacksmithing Basics
Oct 6Basic Dog Obedience
Oct 6Wheel Thrown Pottery for Beginners
Oct 6Basketball Referee Training 101: Between the Lines
Oct 6Microsoft Word Basics
Oct 6*Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Oct 6Intro to Google Docs
Oct 6Illustrator Basics
Oct 6101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Oct 6Robotics: Engineering and Coding I
Oct 6Robotics: Engineering and Coding I
Oct 6Solar Electric Application 
Oct 6Roasting and Processing
Oct 6*Horticulture: Fall Garden Maintenance
Oct 6Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 7Golden Venture Origami
Oct 8*Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certification
Oct 8Building Community
Oct 8Knitting 101
Oct 8Parliamentary Procedure 
Oct 9Knitting a Sweater: Cardigan
Oct 9*Agile 101
Oct 9Portuguese for Beginners 
Oct 9Career Training Academy
Oct 10*Blacksmithing Lab
Oct 10Emotional Freedom Techniques
Oct 10$$ Bundle & Save $$ Screen Gems Made in Nebraska
Oct 10Boys Town
Oct 11AARP Smart Driver Course
Oct 11*Annuities - The Investment Alternative
Oct 11*Senior Needs Insurance
Oct 11*Autumn Foliage in the Loess Hills
Oct 11Internet Privacy Workshop - Protect Yourself!
Oct 11Intro to Numbers on the iPad
Oct 11WordPress Introduction
Oct 11Pinterest for Business & Blogs
Oct 11Coral Bowl
Oct 11*Nothing Little about Little Guy Design
Oct 11Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 12*Insurance Ethics
Oct 12Glass Party
Oct 12*Pairing Studio: Irish Spirits
Oct 12The Power of Customer Service
Oct 13Calligraphy: The Italic Hand
Oct 13Basic Alterations
Oct 13*Halloween Prop Making
Oct 13How to Publish Your Book
Oct 13Resume Redo
Oct 13Heating Systems 101
Oct 13Street Photography
Oct 13Build Movies and Slideshows on the Mac
Oct 13Facebook – Basics
Oct 13iPad 1
Oct 13Pruning Techniques for Amateurs
Oct 14MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Oct 15*Cisco Certified Network Associate Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
Oct 15*Windows Server Administrator 2016 Boot Camp (MCSA) Certification
Oct 15*How to Fly a Drone
Oct 15Cooperative Learning
Oct 15Bon Apatite Platter: Fused Pumpkin
Oct 16Wading into Whiteness
Oct 16Increasing Political Effectiveness
Oct 16Think Like A Social Entrepreneur
Oct 17Beginning Blues Harmonic
Oct 17Healthy Harmonica
Oct 17$$ BUNDLE & SAVE $$ Harmonica Duo
Oct 17The Rain People & We're Not the Jet Set
Oct 17Stained Glass Windows: Foil
Oct 18How to Publish a Kids Book
Oct 18Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 18Learning Body Language For Success
Oct 18*Effective Communication
Oct 18Home Organizing 101
Oct 18Stained Glass Windows: Foil
Oct 18*Redefining a Community
Oct 19*Design Presentation
Oct 19Good Night Light
Oct 20*Silversmithing - Open Studio Hours
Oct 20*Reiki Level 1
Oct 20Tai Chi Basics
Oct 20Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Oct 20All You Need to Know About Fashion
Oct 20Reprogram Your Mind for Success
Oct 20Paints, Stains and Varnishes
Oct 20Oil Pastel Masterpiece
Oct 20*Hidden Details: The Inside of a Garment is as Important as the Outside
Oct 20*Spook-tacular Mystery Tour
Oct 20Facebook – Intermediate
Oct 20iPad/iPhone Tips & Tricks
Oct 20Quilling 101
Oct 20Oil and Vinegar Basics
Oct 20*Horticulture: Fall and Winter Perennials
Oct 22*Cisco Certified Network Associate Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (ICND2)
Oct 22*EPI Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
Oct 22Homework Help
Oct 22Knitting 201
Oct 22The Horse Course 102
Oct 24Terms of Endearment
Oct 24Animation Using Adobe Photoshop
Oct 24Google AdWords and Other Digital Marketing Tools 
Oct 24Master Your Pressure Cooker
Oct 25Weight Loss Hypnosis
Oct 25Fort Omaha Halloween History Tour
Oct 25How to Use Google Applications
Oct 25Take Time to Get Organized
Oct 25*It Pays to PayPal©
Oct 26AARP Smart Driver Course
Oct 26*Agile for Developers Training
Oct 26*Cookie Art: Halloween
Oct 27Plumbing - Faucets and Valves
Oct 27Plumbing - Toilets
Oct 27Car Care for Women
Oct 27Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Oct 27Barn Quilt Painting 4'x4'
Oct 27*The Chocolate Tour
Oct 27Beekeeping: What To Do In Winter
Oct 27Loom Weaving: Twill
Oct 27iPad 2
Oct 27Minecraft Team Building
Oct 27Acrylic Paint Pour Party
Oct 27Organize/Edit Your Photo Library on the Mac
Oct 28Robotics: Engineering and Coding II
Oct 28Quilling 102
Oct 29*CompTIA A+ Certification Boot Camp
Oct 29*CompTIA Security+ Certification
Oct 29Planning & Reflection
Oct 29Sewing for Winter
Oct 30Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 30*Fall Vegetables, Grains & Legumes
Oct 30QuickBooks Online - Beginning
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*License Renewal for Electricians
Nov 1Winter Herbal Health
Nov 1Oh My Aching Feet
Nov 1Blogging for Beginners
Nov 1Using the Apple Pencil and One Note
Nov 1Working with Chrome OS
Nov 1*Locally Grown, National Known, Omaha Steaks!
Nov 1*Fall Vegetables, Grains & Legumes
Nov 2AARP Smart Driver Course
Nov 2*Coronal Polishing
Nov 3$$ BUNDLE & SAVE $$ Basic Techniques of Digital Photos 101 & 102
Nov 3Basic Techniques of Digital Photos 101
Nov 3Basic Techniques of Digital Photos 102
Nov 3Aging is a State of Mind
Nov 3How to Market Your Book
Nov 3Drywall Installation II
Nov 3Drywall Installation I
Nov 3Adobe Photoshop Basics
Nov 3InDesign Basics
Nov 3Using your Gmail Account – Level 1
Nov 3Landscape Maintenance - Your Yearly Plan
Nov 4Hubbard Sustainability Series
Nov 5*Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification
Nov 5Reframing Conflict
Nov 5Kumihimo Braid - Flat with Bead Edge
Nov 5*Improvement/Coaching (I/C) Kata
Nov 5Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres: Learn Spanish Using Duolingo©
Nov 5Fused Glass Ornaments
Nov 6*Web Development using Ruby on Rails 1
Nov 6Crochet Thread
Nov 6*Culinary Foundations: Knife Skills
Nov 7My Antonia
Nov 7*Gifts from the Kitchen
Nov 8Holiday Glass Ornament
Nov 8Blogging for Profit
Nov 8Your Digital Legacy: Create Your Family Album Using YouTube©
Nov 8Family Art Fused Hand Prints
Nov 9*Agile Planning
Nov 9*Taking Final Impressions for Fixed Prostheses
Nov 10*Reiki Level 1
Nov 10Shutter Speed & F-Stop Workshop
Nov 10Bob Ross: Old Farmstead
Nov 10Empower Your Life
Nov 10Beekeeping: Apiary Planning & Prep
Nov 10Fondant Cake Decorating for Beginners
Nov 10Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Nov 10Job Search Strategies: From “Oh No" to “Oh Yes” 
Nov 10iPad 3
Nov 10Organize and Edit Photos on the iPad
Nov 10Using your Gmail Account – Level 2
Nov 10Masonry: Construction and Repair
Nov 11Internet Safety
Nov 12Structure and Clear Limits
Nov 13Advanced Cultural Humility: Dismantling Structural Racism
Nov 13Crime Prevention
Nov 14A Time for Burning & Wigger
Nov 15*Homeowners Insurance Today
Nov 15*3D Pop Up Card Making
Nov 15Holiday Glass Party
Nov 15Yoga for Rookies
Nov 15*HR and the Law
Nov 15WordPress Introduction
Nov 15Internet Privacy Workshop - Protect Yourself!
Nov 16*Ethical Case Studies
Nov 16*Unfair Trade Practices
Nov 16*Cookie Art: Fall Designs
Nov 17Weight Loss Hypnosis
Nov 17*Pre-Holiday Kansas City Shopper's Delight
Nov 17Animation Using Adobe Photoshop
Nov 18*Baking School: Cookies, Quick Breads, Pies & Tarts
Nov 18Appy Hour