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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Oct 19Homework Help
Oct 19Herbs and Holistic Health: Ailments and Superfoods
Oct 19No Bake Holiday Cookies
Oct 19Songwriting Workshop
Oct 19Book Publishing Bootcamp
Oct 19How to Make Homemade Premium Soap
Oct 19How to Make Premium Handmade Lotions
Oct 19Grandparent and Me Handbuilding Ceramics
Oct 19*Mystery Tour #2
Oct 19Using your Gmail Account – Level 2
Oct 19Becoming a Writer: How to Research
Oct 21*Litigation Landmines
Oct 22*Healthcare and You
Oct 22A Magical Tour Through the Medieval Herb Garden
Oct 22Herbs 101
Oct 22*Halloween Cookie Decorating
Oct 22Dark Side of the Stockyards
Oct 22Loom Weaving a Rug
Oct 22Fused Glass Wine/Bottle Stop
Oct 23Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour
Oct 23Home Organizing 101
Oct 23$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Solar Electric Bundle
Oct 23Solar Electric Basics 
Oct 23Blogging for Profit
Oct 24*30 Days to Better Selling
Oct 25Crime Prevention
Oct 25*Agile for Developers Training
Oct 25*Cementation of Prefabricated Fixed Prostheses on Primary Teeth
Oct 25Prospect Hill Cemetery Tour
Oct 25AARP Smart Driver Course
Oct 26Coffee College: Roasting and Processing
Oct 26Planning and Reflection
Oct 26Healthy Relationships
Oct 26*Community Spanish
Oct 26*Restaurant Revival Studio: Blue Fox
Oct 26Sewing with Mom
Oct 26Rally 4 Fun
Oct 26Advanced Games
Oct 26Modern Embroidery
Oct 26*Introduction to Flat Pattern II
Oct 26*Spook-tacular Haunted Tour
Oct 26Cartooning and Comics on the iPad
Oct 26The Longevity Spiral: Move Waste From Your Waist
Oct 26Adobe Photoshop Animation
Oct 26MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Oct 26Solar Electric Application 
Oct 26Wave Cross: Fused Glass
Oct 26Flooring: Luxury Vinyl Tile and Hardwoods
Oct 26Beekeeping Basics: Hive Management
Oct 28*Project Quality and Control
Oct 28Basic Field Obedience for Hunting
Oct 28Marquee DIY
Oct 29Building a Culture of Creative Thinking
Oct 29Chicken Scratch for the Holidays—Level 1
Oct 29*Upholstery Lab
Oct 29Computer Basics
Oct 29Conceptos Básicos de Computadoras
Oct 29Fused Glass Garden Stake
Oct 30Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour for Teens
Oct 30Ceramics: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building
Oct 30Spittin' Fire
Nov 1*Pairing Studio: German Beer and Food
Nov 1*Agile Planning
Nov 1Microsoft Excel
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 1*Prototype Design Lab
Nov 2Eat for a Week
Nov 2Healing with Gemstones and Crystals: Folklore
Nov 2Reframing Conflict
Nov 2Self-Defense for Seniors
Nov 2*Pairing Studio: German Beer and Food
Nov 2Weight Loss Hypnosis
Nov 2Basket Weaving: Market Basket
Nov 2Ceramics for Beginners
Nov 2Ceramics: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building
Nov 2Microsoft Excel Basics
Nov 2You, on Social Media Video
Nov 2Landscape Maintenance—Your Yearly Plan
Nov 2Beekeeping Basics: Honey Bee Diseases and Pests
Nov 3The World of MS Word
Nov 4*Advanced Data Analysis
Nov 4*Financial Analysis and Planning for Non Financial Managers
Nov 4*Integrating Social Media in Your Organization
Nov 4*Program Evaluation for Nonprofits
Nov 4*Closing Procedures and Financial Statements
Nov 4The Business of Life
Nov 4QuickBooks, Level 2
Nov 4*How to Fly a Drone
Nov 4Intro to the Mac for 50 Plus
Nov 5Designing Event Backdrops
Nov 5*Project Risk Management
Nov 6Wire Tree Cabachon Pendant
Nov 6Small Business Start Up
Nov 6So Many Google Apps
Nov 6Pinterest for Business and Blogs
Nov 7No Stress Retirement Planning
Nov 7Write Your Life Story
Nov 7Dark Side of the Stockyards
Nov 73D Pen STEM Creations—Tower Lesson 
Nov 8*Pairing Studio: Cuban Food and Drink
Nov 8Acrylic Painting for Beginners: Aspen Trees in Autumn
Nov 9North Omaha History
Nov 9Structure and Clear Limits
Nov 9Basic Self-Defense for Women
Nov 9DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Nov 9You Go Girl Code Club
Nov 9*Pairing Studio: Cuban Food and Drink
Nov 9Barn Quilt Painting 2'x2'
Nov 9Barn Quilt Painting 4'x4'
Nov 9Scarf Marbling
Nov 9Shutter Speed & F-Stop Workshop
Nov 9Bob Ross: Double Oval with Mountains
Nov 9Digital Photo Storage and Management
Nov 9The Longevity Spiral: Live Without Pain and Inflammation
Nov 9Microsoft PowerPoint 
Nov 9Senior Housing Options
Nov 9Beekeeping Basics: Applied Skills
Nov 11Holiday Card Making
Nov 11Ceramics: Holiday Creations
Nov 11Fused Glass Ornaments
Nov 12*Detecting Financial Fraud and Protecting your Nest Egg
Nov 12*Foundations: Contemporary Turkey
Nov 12Chicken Scratch for the Holidays—Level 2
Nov 12Spice Rack Remedies
Nov 13*Upholstery Specialty Lab
Nov 13Out with the Old, Swing in the New
Nov 13Nebraska Legends, Myths and Monsters
Nov 13Liars and Storytellers
Nov 14Polymer Clay for the Holidays
Nov 14Holiday Glass Ornament
Nov 15No Stress Retirement Planning
Nov 15Holiday Ceramic Painting Party
Nov 15*Pairing Studio: Traditional Scandinavian Food and Drink
Nov 15Friends Night Out—Fused Glass Jewelry
Nov 15AARP Smart Driver Course
Nov 16Healing with Gemstones and Crystals: Types and Uses
Nov 16Youth Voice
Nov 16DIY Ugly Sweater Workshop
Nov 16*Upholstery Specialty Lab
Nov 16*Pairing Studio: Traditional Scandinavian Food and Drink
Nov 16*Build a Cutting Board
Nov 16*Reiki Level 1
Nov 16Increase Your Brain Function
Nov 16Rap Writing Workshop for Teens
Nov 16Songwriting Workshop for Teens
Nov 16Basic Techniques of Digital Photos 101
Nov 16Basic Techniques of Digital Photos 102
Nov 16Ceramics: Date Night
Nov 16*Pre-Holiday Kansas City Shopper's Delight
Nov 16*TinkRbot
Nov 16Bee Spotting for Fun
Nov 18*HR and the Law
Nov 18Holiday Ornaments for Kids
Nov 18Family Art Fused Hand Prints
Nov 20*Sales: Setting Goals
Nov 21Crucial Coaching Conversations (Supervisor)
Nov 21Special Topics
Nov 22Zendoodle Journey for Beginners
Nov 22Acrylic Painting for Beginners: Flowers in the Sun
Nov 23Achieving Success with Difficult People
Nov 23How to Make a Successful Career Change
Nov 23Beekeeping Basics: Honey Production
Nov 23Becoming a Writer: Publishing Through Multiple Mediums
Nov 30*JuleFest—The Taste of Denmark
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1*Make a Holiday Candle Holder
Dec 2*Writing Effective Email Basics
Dec 2*Problem-Solving Foundations
Dec 2*Project Cost Management
Dec 2*Game of Drones
Dec 5Crow Quill Pen and Ink for Beginners
Dec 6Strengths-Based Leadership (Supervisor)
Dec 6*Pairing Studio: Holiday Hosting
Dec 6*Coronal Polishing
Dec 7Healing with Gemstones and Crystals: Chakras, Reiki and More
Dec 7Mandala Stone Painting for Beginners
Dec 7*Holiday Cookie Decorating Workshop
Dec 7*Pairing Studio: Holiday Hosting
Dec 7Beekeeping Basics: Organic Beekeeping
Dec 8*Create a Light in Woodshop
Dec 9*Build a Custom Holiday Sign
Dec 12Essentials of Human Resources, Part II (Supervisor)
Dec 14*Make a Holiday Wreath & Ornaments
Dec 14*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Dec 15*Holiday Mystery Tour
Dec 16*Interview and Selection - Hiring the Right People
Dec 18*Sandler Sales Training Bootcamp