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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Nov 20*Contemporary Turkey
Nov 26*ITIL Foundations Certification
Nov 26Fused Glass Ornaments
Nov 26*Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Nov 28*Holiday Ornament Making
Nov 28*Culinary Foundations: Risotto School
Nov 29*Festival of Lights & Santa Maria Winery
Nov 29*Culinary Foundations: Braising and Stewing
Dec 1*Prototype Design Lab
Dec 1The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Dec 1Santa’s Quilling Workshop
Dec 1Kids Biz Holiday Bootcamp
Dec 1Mindfulness During the Holidays
Dec 1Adobe Photoshop Basics
Dec 1Digital Photo Storage and Management
Dec 3*CompTIA A+ Certification Boot Camp
Dec 3*Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Dec 3*EPI Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager (CDFOM)
Dec 3*CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+)
Dec 3Ethnic Christmas Cookies
Dec 3Clay Ornament for the Holidays
Dec 3Horse Handling and Grooming
Dec 3Career Training Academy
Dec 4*Metal Sculpture
Dec 4*Metal Sculpture
Dec 4String Art Workshop: Holiday Sign
Dec 4Ceramics: Cups, Cups, Cups
Dec 4Knitting for Beginners
Dec 4*Sushi
Dec 4*Holiday Cookie Decorating Workshop
Dec 5Out with the Old, Swing in the New
Dec 5Ethnic Christmas Cookies
Dec 5*Holiday Hosting Dinner Pairing
Dec 5*Contractor and Business Academy—Spanish
Dec 5Healthy Through the Holidays
Dec 6*Metal Sculpture
Dec 6*Metal Sculpture
Dec 6*Upholstery 101
Dec 6Watercolor: Textural Expression
Dec 6Intermediate Watercolor
Dec 6*Festival of Lights & Santa Maria Winery
Dec 7*Metal Sculpture
Dec 7Holiday Glass Ornament
Dec 7*Buche de Noel
Dec 7Cyber Threats and Hacking Devices in Your Environment
Dec 7Carpentry Training
Dec 8Holiday Glass Party
Dec 8Basketball Referee Training 101: Between the Lines
Dec 8*Holiday Cookie Decorating Workshop
Dec 8Making Holiday Ornaments with Origami
Dec 8Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays
Dec 8So You Think You Can Plan?
Dec 9*Holiday Mystery Tour
Dec 9Crochet: Winter Snowflakes
Dec 10*Cisco Certified Network Associate Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
Dec 10*EPI Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
Dec 10Food for Life: The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition for Health Intro
Dec 10*CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
Dec 10*Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
Dec 11String Art Workshop: Merry and Bright Tree Sign
Dec 11Reversible Holiday Apron
Dec 11Paper Ornaments
Dec 11*International Holiday Cookies
Dec 11Coral Bowl
Dec 11Holiday Shopping: Laptop or Tablet?
Dec 11Travel Safety Class
Dec 11*Corporate Team Building Prototype Lab Experience
Dec 12*EPI Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS)
Dec 12Silversmithing: Beginning / Intermediate
Dec 12Pinterest for Business and Blogs
Dec 12*Designing an Everyday Floral Piece
Dec 13*Personal Financial Planning
Dec 13*License Renewal for Electricians
Dec 13Fused Glass Ornaments
Dec 13How to Publish a Childrens Book
Dec 13WordPress Website Optimization
Dec 14*Cost of Insurance Fraud
Dec 14*The Changing Face of the Insurance Industry
Dec 14*Gingerbread House Decorating
Dec 14*Pairing Studio: Christmas Beers
Dec 15Chocolate Candy Clay
Dec 15Wiring I—Electrical Theory, Outlets and Switches
Dec 15Wiring II—Switches Part II and Trouble Shooting
Dec 15*Typographic Signage Display
Dec 15Lift Off! Programming and Flying Drones Using Swift Playgrounds
Dec 15Microsoft Excel Basics
Dec 15*Pairing Studio: Christmas Beers
Dec 15*Christmas Evergreen Splendor
Dec 17*Cisco Certified Network Associate Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (ICND2)
Dec 18*Gifts from the Kitchen
Dec 18Wave Cross: Fused Glass
Dec 20*Feast of Fishes
Dec 22*T-Shirt Design
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2Marine Biology at the Zoo
Jan 2*Vegetables, Grains and Legumes: Winter Session
Jan 2How to Be a Stand-Up Comedian
Jan 2Aeronautics 101
Jan 2Camp 1,2,3 … Robots and Me
Jan 2Fit Kids: Fitness, Fun and Food!
Jan 2Fit Kids: Fitness, Fun and Food!
Jan 3Lifestyle Strategies for Personal Wellbeing
Jan 3*Introduction to Apparel Sewing
Jan 4Marine Biology at the Zoo
Jan 4*Fashion Illustration
Jan 4*Vegetables, Grains and Legumes: Winter Session
Jan 4MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Jan 5*Reiki Level 1
Jan 5*Blacksmithing Basics
Jan 5Architectural Hand Carving: Part 1
Jan 5$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Architectural Hand Carving
Jan 5Laugh Out Loud Comedy Camp
Jan 5Basic Framing
Jan 5*Not All Satin is the Same. An Intro to Textiles
Jan 5*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Jan 7Latin Ballroom for Beginners
Jan 7Advanced Ballroom: West Coast Swing
Jan 7Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Jan 7Light Saber Dueling for Teens
Jan 7Card Making from Simple to Sophisticated
Jan 7*Lean 101
Jan 7*Nebraska Insurance Pre-License Training: Health and Life
Jan 8*Upholstery 101
Jan 8Ukulele for Teens
Jan 8Ukulele for Beginners
Jan 8Advanced Ballroom: Swing
Jan 8Ballroom Dance: Intermediate
Jan 8Hip-Hop Yoga
Jan 8Yoga for Binge Watchers
Jan 8Basic Dog Obedience
Jan 8*Blacksmithing Lab
Jan 8Weaving 101
Jan 8Cartooning for Teens
Jan 8Clay: Hand Building Pottery
Jan 8The Cutting Board
Jan 8Polymer Clay for Beginners
Jan 8*Foundations: Chicken Fabrication and Cookery
Jan 8Fused Glass Garden Stake
Jan 8Basic Digital Photography
Jan 8Crime Prevention
Jan 8QuickBooks, Level 1
Jan 9Ballroom Dance for Beginners
Jan 9Ceramics for Beginners
Jan 9Light Saber Dueling
Jan 9Belly Dancing
Jan 9Women’s Latin Dance Performance
Jan 9Stress Reduction with Mindfulness
Jan 9Knitting for Beginners
Jan 9Spice Rack Remedies
Jan 9Food for Life: The Power of Plant-based Nutrition for Chronic Disease
Jan 9Stained Glass Windows: Lead Came Technique
Jan 9Google AdWords and Other Digital Marketing Tools
Jan 9Google Applications
Jan 9Hacks and Exploits Used to Steal Your Data: Learn How to Avoid Them
Jan 9Advanced Ballroom: Swing
Jan 10Ukulele, Intermediate
Jan 10Ukulele for Beginners
Jan 10Yoga for Bone Health
Jan 10*Silversmithing for Beginners
Jan 10*Community Spanish
Jan 10Chicken Scratch for Beginners
Jan 10*Workplace Investigations
Jan 10Style Your Image
Jan 10Stained Glass Windows: Lead Came Technique
Jan 10How to Publish a Childrens Book
Jan 10Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Jan 10The Journey of Financial Health
Jan 10REACH Construction Industry Certificate
Jan 10*Introduction to the Mission Critical Data Center
Jan 11Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part A and Part B
Jan 11*Pairing Studio: A Night in New Orleans
Jan 12*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Jan 12*Upholstery 101
Jan 12*Upholstery 201
Jan 12Oil Pastel Masterpiece
Jan 12Canine Life and Social Skills B.A. (C.L.A.S.S.)
Jan 12Basic Dog Obedience
Jan 12Architectural Hand Carving: Part 2
Jan 12Wheel Thrown Pottery for Beginners
Jan 124-H Foundations Dog Training
Jan 12Weight Loss Hypnosis
Jan 12Plumbing—Faucets and Valves
Jan 12Plumbing—Toilets
Jan 12*Spanish Part 1
Jan 12*Spanish Part 2
Jan 12101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Jan 12Beyond Samba and Carnival
Jan 12Building Movies, Slideshows and Trailers on the Mac
Jan 12PowerPoint Basics
Jan 12Quilling 101
Jan 12Conversations that Connect
Jan 12Food for Life: The Basics of Going Plant Based
Jan 12*Horticulture Basics 1: Basic Botany
Jan 13*Tongue Drum Making
Jan 14*Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Jan 14Water Aerobics
Jan 14Basketball Referee Training 101: Between the Lines
Jan 14Food for Life: The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition for Health Intro
Jan 14*CompTIA Network+
Jan 14*Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Jan 15*Agile 101
Jan 15Ceramics: Pots That Pour
Jan 15Beginning Guitar and More
Jan 15*Cuisines: Thai
Jan 15*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Jan 15Intermediate Country Line Dancing
Jan 15Intermediate Country Couples Dancing
Jan 15Design Your Life Vision Board
Jan 15*Agile 101
Jan 16Successful Meal Planning
Jan 16$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Meal Planning
Jan 16Herbs 101
Jan 16Beginner’s Country Line Dancing
Jan 16Country Couples Dancing
Jan 16Android 101: Smartphones and Tablets
Jan 16Building a Website with Weebly
Jan 16Sifting Through the Science of Fad Diets
Jan 16Martin Luther King Luncheon - Current MCC Students
Jan 16Martin Luther King Luncheon - MCC Employees
Jan 16Martin Luther King Luncheon - General Admission
Jan 17*Interview and Selection - Hiring the Right People
Jan 17Chicken Scratch, The Next Step
Jan 17Nebraska Legends, Myths and Monsters
Jan 17Beginning Piano and More
Jan 17AARP Smart Driver Course
Jan 17Portuguese for Beginners 
Jan 17WordPress Website Optimization
Jan 18*Business Leaders Lunch and Learn Speaking Engagement
Jan 18Medicare Made Easy: Overview of Medicare Part D for Medicine Coverage
Jan 19*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Jan 19Sewing with Mom
Jan 19Hand Applique Tea Towel
Jan 19Drywall Installation I
Jan 19Drywall Installation II
Jan 19*Baking School 3: Cake, Páte á Choux and Garniture
Jan 19*Build an Electric Guitar
Jan 19Traditional Bacon Making
Jan 19*Entrepreneurship Series: How to Start a Wedding Planning Business—Session 1
Jan 193-D Design, Modeling and Printing Section 2
Jan 19Adobe Photoshop Basics
Jan 19iPad/iPhone 1
Jan 19Family Cartooning: Create Your Own Marvel© Character
Jan 19Illustrator Basics
Jan 19Organize and Edit Your Photos on the Mac and iPad
Jan 19$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ Superhero Team Bundle: Cartooning, Design, 3-D Printing and Painting
Jan 19Quilling 102
Jan 19Robotics: Engineering and Coding
Jan 19Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach
Jan 19Media Literacy in the Age of “Fake News”
Jan 19STEAM: Biomechanics of the Lion
Jan 19$$ BUNDLE AND SAVE $$ STEAM: Big Cat Bundle
Jan 19*Horticulture Basics II: Propagation
Jan 19Coffee College: Origin Story