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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Dec 5*Game Development III: Virtual Reality
Dec 5Enhance Your Business with Social Media
Dec 5DIY Greeting Cards
Dec 6Venmo vs. PayPal
Dec 7*Certified Fiber Optics Technician Certification (CFOT)
Dec 8Foundations: Knife Skills
Dec 8*Event Planning Business: Increasing Sales
Dec 8*Entrepreneur Crash Course
Dec 9Computer Terminology Basics
Dec 9*Acaademia de Contratistas y Comerciantes - en linea a Zoom
Dec 9Advise Faculty Alerts Training
Dec 9Men and Aging
Dec 9Adobe After Effect Basics
Dec 10*License Renewal for Electricians
Dec 10*Certified Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist Certification (CFOS/S)
Dec 10Winter Reading Group: Teachin' It!
Dec 10Backup Plan: Photo and File Storage
Dec 12*Introduction to Drone Pilot Training
Dec 12iPad/iPhone Apps for Seniors
Dec 12*Holiday Digital Ornament
Dec 12*Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body
Dec 12*The Longevity Spiral: How to stay L.E.A.N.
Dec 13Microsoft Outlook
Dec 14*Digital Marketing Certificate Program
Dec 14*Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing & Main (CFOS/T)
Dec 15*WID Training Talks: Cloud Computing
Dec 16*Outside Plant Fiber Optics Specialist (CFOS/O)
Dec 17Serving Students with Disabilities
Dec 18Aligning With Darkness: Yoga for the Winter Solstice
Dec 19Microsoft Excel Basics
Dec 19Bring on the Bling: Christmas Design
Dec 19*The Longevity Spiral: Beverages
Dec 21Holiday Workshop: Rube Goldberg Machines (ages 8-12)
Dec 22*Foundations of Project Management
Dec 28Become a YouTube Star (ages 13-17)
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 2*Unity Associate Certification Training
Jan 2*Prototype Design Lab
Jan 3Windows 10—Tips and Tricks
Jan 4*Real Estate Practice (7000)
Jan 4Money Management for Millennials
Jan 4Conquer Your Home Office: Staying Organized
Jan 4*Nebraska Insurance Pre-License Training: Property and Casualty
Jan 5Microsoft Teams
Jan 5Build a Website from Concept to Publication
Jan 5Write Your Life Story (four-hour)
Jan 5Protect Your Digital Assets
Jan 5*Upholstery 101
Jan 6Seniors Watercolor II
Jan 6Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
Jan 6The Bermuda Triangle
Jan 6*Sandler Sales Training Bootcamp
Jan 7Intermediate Watercolor
Jan 7Demo + QA: Pasta Sessions
Jan 7Digital Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Jan 8RPG Making and Character Design (ages 12-16)
Jan 9ABC’s of American Sign Language (Zoom; ages 12-17) 
Jan 9Cuisines: Thai
Jan 9Senior Watercolor for Beginners
Jan 9K9 Cardio
Jan 9*Makers Workshop: Design a Digital Watch (ages 8-12)
Jan 9*MS Office Skills for the Workplace
Jan 9*FAA Drone Pilot Certification Training
Jan 9Tai Chi Basics
Jan 9Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief
Jan 9You Go Girl Code Club (ages 8-17)
Jan 9*Learn to Code
Jan 9Teenage Money Management (ages 12-17)
Jan 9Adobe Photoshop Basics
Jan 9*Adobe Photoshop Bundle
Jan 10101 Tips and Tricks for Your PC
Jan 11Intro to American Sign Language
Jan 12Expeditions of the Arctic Circle
Jan 12*Event Design and Floral Artistry
Jan 12Basic Digital Photography
Jan 13Beginner’s Country Line Dancing
Jan 13*Upholstery 101
Jan 13Are UFO’S Real?
Jan 13Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile
Jan 14No Stress Retirement Planning
Jan 14Contested Elections
Jan 15Microsoft Excel Basics
Jan 16DIY Wedding: Budget Savvy Tools
Jan 16Becoming a Writer: How to Tell a Story
Jan 16Kinda Vegetarian
Jan 16*Upholstery 101
Jan 16*Unicorn Party (ages 5-8)
Jan 16Modern Cross Stitch
Jan 16Internet of Things (IOT) SensorTraining
Jan 16Watercolor Workshop (ages 12-15)
Jan 16Romantic Holiday Tablescape
Jan 16Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Jan 16*Upholstery 201
Jan 17Culinary Foundations: Braising and Stewing
Jan 18Move Better, Age Better
Jan 19Freelance Writing (four-hour)
Jan 19Belly Dance Workshop
Jan 19Creative Journaling
Jan 19*Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam Prep
Jan 19Microsoft Excel
Jan 20Are Ghosts Real?
Jan 20Minimalism Lifestyle—How to Start “Tidying Up"
Jan 20*Minimalism Lifestyle Bundle
Jan 20Optimize Your LinkedIn Network
Jan 21*Upholstery Lab
Jan 21Life Coach Skills
Jan 22Microsoft Excel—Intermediate
Jan 22Cuisines: Indian Vegetarian Style
Jan 23Cosplay for Beginners
Jan 23*Dinosaur Party (ages 5-8)
Jan 23*The Longevity Spiral: Move Waste From Your Waist
Jan 23Building Blocks of Basic Photography
Jan 23*Dissection Workshop—Pigs (ages 12-15)
Jan 23Microsoft Outlook—Tips and Tricks
Jan 23Draw Cool Things (ages 12-15)
Jan 24Google Apps
Jan 24Enhance Yourself with LinkedIn
Jan 25*Blanchard SLII Training
Jan 25Don't Get Duped: Online Security Basics
Jan 25Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning
Jan 26*Residential Energy Code Certification
Jan 26Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Better Health
Jan 26*Project Requirements, Procurement and Cost Management
Jan 26*WID Training Talks: Cloud Computing
Jan 27Foundations: Knife Skills
Jan 27*Small Business Start Up
Jan 27UFO—Paranormal Analysis and Equipment
Jan 27Get Organized: Tips to Transform your Day
Jan 27Maximize Career Opportunities using LinkedIn
Jan 28Powers of the Three Branches of Government
Jan 28Computer Workstation Wellness
Jan 28Get Organized for Better Family Management
Jan 28Nebraska Before Statehood
Jan 30DIY Greeting Cards
Jan 30Upcycled Wallets
Jan 30Becoming a Writer: How to Research
Jan 30The History of Hip-Hop
Jan 30STEAM Workshop: Rube Goldberg Machines (ages 12-16)
Jan 30Raised Garden Beds for Beginners
Jan 30Your Financial Health: Investing, Saving and Tax Strategies
Jan 30*Dissection Workshop—Sharks (ages 12-15)
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1*Prototype Design Lab
Feb 1Prospect Hill Cemetery Presentation
Feb 3Salsa Shines Workshop
Feb 3Give Cable TV the Boot
Feb 3Baking: French Macarons
Feb 3The Future of Weather Forecasting