Nebraska Before Statehood: Part II

Dates: July 22, 2021

Meets: Th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Zoom Online

Registration Fee: $29.00

This course will continue right were we left off in Nebraska Before Statehood. Nebraska, "the land of flat water" has a long history that stretches back thousands of years before this land was explored by Lewis and Clark in 1804 and formally incorporated into a U.S. Territory in 1854. Join us as we explore the story before statehood, a story of various Native American cultures, epidemics and empire-building, conflict and cultural exchange. This course will offer historical context behind the Lewis and Clark Expedition and describe the formative Fur Trade Era of the early 19th century. Along the way we will discuss fascinating characters such as Omaha chiefs Blackbird and Big Elk, fur trader Manuel Lisa, the Creole Fontenelle family, the Swiss artist Karl Bodmer, Mormon leader Brigham Young and many of the “founding fathers” of Nebraska.


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Fee: $29.00

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