*Expressive Creation - Art Zine Edition (ages 12 -18)

Dates: June 3-6, 2024

Meets: M, Tu, W and Th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: Elkhorn Valley Campus

Registration Fee: $249.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

Welcome to our dynamic University Summer Camp: "Expressive Creations - Art Zine Edition," designed for creative minds aged 12-18. This unique program provides an immersive journey into the world of art zines, offering a platform for self-expression and artistic exploration. Our campus transforms into a haven for young artists, equipped with state-of-the-art studios and a plethora of supplies. Led by Kim Darling, daily workshops cover conceptualizing ideas, storytelling, illustration, collage, printmaking, and digital design. Emphasizing teamwork, participants collaborate on group projects, fostering community and exposing them to diverse perspectives. The camp concludes with a zine swap, where participants showcase and exchange their creations. Join us for a summer of artistic discovery, lasting friendships, and the joy of bringing imagination to life on the pages of your very own art zine. Unleash your creativity and let your story unfold!


Parents must complete a waiver form at mccneb.edu/ceforms.
Fee: $249.00

Elkhorn Valley Campus

Kim Darling

Date Day Time Location
06/03/2024Monday1 PM to 4 PM Elkhorn Valley Campus
06/04/2024Tuesday1 PM to 4 PM Elkhorn Valley Campus
06/05/2024Wednesday1 PM to 4 PM Elkhorn Valley Campus
06/06/2024Thursday1 PM to 4 PM Elkhorn Valley Campus


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