Wading into Whiteness

Dates: July 10, 2019

Meets: W from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: MCC North Express 307

Registration Fee: $10.00

This three-hour workshop will get you thinking deeply about what it means to be white in a racially diverse world. We will examine the connections between white identity and white supremacy, and learn how overcoming white supremacy is essential to achieving racial equity and justice. This workshop will provide opportunities for individual reflection, small-group and large-group exploration.

Learning Objectives:
Terminology: Understand and define whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege, racial stress, race equity and racial justice.
Reflection and Analysis: Analyze and critique the morality of white supremacy versus race equity. Learn strategies to combat white supremacy and achieve racial justice.
Looking Ahead: Identify opportunities and establish benchmarks to measure effective engagement with others from different racial world views. Map out steps to begin working towards racial justice as individuals and within organizations.
Fee: $10.00

MCC North Express 307